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  1. Lrtoflamancha

    I finally had enough of the clunk. Took the bike into Mallotts Motorcycle in Manteca and had Kenny work on it. He is great and I will go back. Anyway he told me and showed me that according to our maintenance schedule the head nut is supposed to be adjusted every 4000 miles at $129. per. Since I ride about 24000 miles a year I would need to have this done 6 times. If I have all the scheduled maint done as Yamaha suggests then this bike will cost me close to $6000. a year to maintain. Oh and no it was not cross threaded and I have installed new front end springs.

  2. kvperrjhill

    I'm assuming the adjustment took care of the clunk, right? If it only cost $129, I'm hoping this is something that could be done if you're mechanically inclined a little. I'll have to look in the manual to see what the procedure is for that. Thanks for sharing.

  3. TSdar

    Oh and no it was not cross threaded and I have installed new front end springs.
    Did you install the front end springs or did Mallott's? If Mallott's, how much did they charge?



  4. ogie

    Progressive spring install is a 30 minute job at home. All you need is a lift, torque wrench and star driver bits. On a scale of 1 -10 (10 being most difficult) this job is a 2..............ogie

  5. Lrtoflamancha

    I installed the springs. Was a piece of cake. Now reading the service manual to adjust the head nut will drive you nuts. The entire front of the bike has to come off. I mean wheel, front forks the whole shooting match. I am not sure how they did it for $129. but they did and yes it took care of the clunk. But we are supposed to do it every 4000 miles. For me that would be every 6 to 8 weeks. OUCH.


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