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  1. kazloffer

    I just purchased an 1100 and have a few questions/comments about its performance. there is plenty of power but it still wants to stall in first when letting the clutch out. For a bike with decent torque is this normal? I feel like I am having to be a lot gentler with letting the clutch out in first gear than previously on other bikes. I also get a decent amount of backfiring as the engine rpm decelerate. Do i need a tune up or is this possibly a result of the aftermarket pipes without a rejet or simply a normal response?

  2. khunder102

    I am guessing you just bought this bike, and didn't get any information on what has been done to it, and by whom? Have any more details?

    Wanting to stall in first when letting the clutch out isn't normal, unless you're not giving it enough throttle, or the engine is cold. I didn't notice that the clutch in my 1100 Classic is any touchier than my previous bikes when it came to starting off in first gear.

    Are the aftermarket pipes a complete system, or slip-ons? Backfiring on deceleration is often caused by installation of aftermarket pipes. The cure for that is removal of the AIS system. There has been extensive discussion on this site about this; just read the posts.

    If it was my bike, I'd go through everything, if for no other reason than to know how it's set up, if the information wasn't available from the previous owner. Check/replace the plugs, clean and readjust the carbs (and determine if it's jetted correctly for your intake and exhaust setup), and check the air and gas filters (in short, a really thorough tuneup).

    I'm sure others will chime in on this if I've missed anything. Good luck - let us know how you're making out!


  3. zdarmom

    I bought my 1100 new..........experienced similar thing........

    raised the idle a bit.......and noted have to give MORE throttle to prevent stall NEVER was an issue with last bike..........


  4. pittjzere

    My 1100 acts the same way, and I watched them put it together right out of the box. Seems like 1st gear has a high torque and doesn't take to a low idle speed well, making it hard to cruise in crowded/slow areas. Difinitely different than other bikes I've ridden.

  5. cambjman

    My bike is the exact same and it is brand new! It seems to have a really tall first gear and stalls if the clutch is not ridden pretty hard on take off. It could really use a lower first gear.

  6. zdarmom

    300 miles later with an idle adjustment still having the same problem occasionally, strangely with a hot engine, then because the engine is hot its a bI*CH find neutral so im stilling there like an idiot rolling it back and forth to find "N"............ i know how to ride so this is now bugging me.........talked to the dealership tonite after a 100 mile ride........

    the other problem i had today this being my longest ride with it beautiful day, went to the mountains, at around 75 miles out, it was very sticky at times going from 1st thru "N" i had a time or two after 75 miles out this happened, in traffic and im pulling and pulling, took three trys to pull her thru "N"...was not pretty in heavy traffic.............

    anyone experiencing this problem?

    my bike is brand new out of the pissed

  7. quicgmicg

    Give it a little time, things just may just just need to be adjusted. Sometimes new bikes just need a little usage to get things broken in.

  8. zdarmom

    will probably be bringing it in to the dealership..........sooner rather than later....dont need any mishaps because of these issues............

  9. unpitten

    Just a thought; could the bike(s) be starving for air? Has anyone tried moding the air box?

  10. Vmazder

    When my 06 was new some of the same things were happening, after AIS removal,big air kit with re-jet and new pipes popping went away ( I live at 6200 ft alt). As to the hard shifting I adjusted the shifter link rod and and then it would pop out of 1st sometimes as I let out clutch at a stop light, readjusted rod a little at a time and all issues went away, it didn't seem to make sense as all that adjustment does is raise and lower the shifter pedal but it worked. I also noted that oil level seems the be important for the shifting, I used a wee shot of Lucus Oil stabilizer at oil change 1-2 oz.

  11. exotuz28

    i had a similar problem with my 07 1100.. when i drove it off the lot 5 days ago... on my way home it would not shift in to nutruel .. at one point it stalled at a light so i called the dealership to come get this Piece of S# (at) $%... while i was telling him the baterry in my phone went dead.. so i played with the clutch cable for a little bit and readjusted it... havent had a problem since......

  12. kamezbanger

    Wow....that sucks. My bike is great and have not have any real problems. I think that a little popping is normal with this bike on decel.

  13. ingnponez

    sometimes my 01 custom will get have a hard time shifting into neutral , usually what i do is just ease up on the clutch enough to roll forward every so slightly and then shift it again and always goes right to neutral no issues , but only after easing up on the cluth to let her roll foward otherwise it skips past neutral over and over again

    just one of those quirks thats takes a little getting used to i suppose


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