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Tell me what you think? v star 1100 clasic

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  1. dubaba7159

    2003 v-star 1100 clasic this metric chopper has a 1" Harley davidson neck with a custom springer front end,it is a hard tail,custom fender,handle bars by Toxic Choppers , iron works gas tank,19" harley wheel avon tire, custom frame by Toxic Choppers, electrical by concept customs,license plate frame and sissy bar by Toxic Choppers,custom seat by Mayo's upholstery,roadhouse pipes and k&n filters

  2. NigelCroker

    are you planning on selling any of the parts left over from the surgery...

  3. quicgmicg

    nice job....

  4. dubaba7159

    i sold it all sorry my friend..

  5. zhifdhabbj6

    Very sharp looking ride! Just hope it dosn't start leaking oil due to all the Harley parts around it.

  6. dubaba7159

    LOL,LOL thats funny.... thanks man!!

  7. atamr17


  8. maxcruizer

    I gotta say that is the nicest 1100 vstar chopper that I have seen! Beautiful lines, well done.


  9. retzdarraiter

    perfect! thats how its done ladies and gentlemen

  10. yhennlj

    That's one nice ride. Definitely a show winning head turner, and Yammi calendar candidate if ya' ask me. Give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done


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