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tap and die help?

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  1. Eazdcoazdmot

    Hi all

    I noticed a very small oil seep just to the right of the clutch cable bolt. I proceded to tighten the clutch cable bolt to stop the leak and discovered the previous owner had stipped the socket and used lock tite or something to try and get it to hold.

    the leak is because the gasket is not sealing well enough

    What type of metal will I be taping into? Can I go any deeper? I appreciate any advise you can give me.

    Tks Colin

  2. atamr17

    Tapping new threads into the case can be very tricky, and probbaly best left to a professional if your not experienced at doing such, Because if you do mess up, it could get expensive.....That being said....The material that your tapping into should be aluminum and you wont be going any deeper, Just a slightly larger hole for new threads, Use plenty lube and keep working the tap in and out to clean it of shavings..

    Also you could install a Heli Coil which works well also...I cant explain how it works...Just do a yahoo search on the subject and you will find more info than you need...

    Hope this helps

  3. Eazdcoazdmot

    tks for the tip... Aluminum explains why it stripped. I've tapped a few times before and I've done a couple of heli coils for plugs....I managed to crack the head

  4. quicgmicg

    A HeliCoil is a threaded insert that almost looks like a spring that is made out hardened stainless steel. They use a slightly oversize tap so that once the insert is threaded in, you end up with the same size threads as you originally started with. You can purchase HeliCoil kits that come with the special tap and inserts at most auto parts stores, most tool supply houses...etc.

    HeliCoils are awesome, you'll never have a problem stripping that thread again. I used to help build VW air cooled race motors, we HeliCoiled everything on them and it made a huge difference.

  5. 4mrAkankmpr

    If you do try and re-tap the hole, apply some thick grease to the tap and wash it off between runs through the hole. The grease should catch most, if not all of the shavings.

  6. Eazdcoazdmot

    What are the chances that retapping the same size will hold? Any suggestions on what size to move up to if I must?

  7. MigejCojode

    The tried and true fix: Stop by one of the machine shops in sackville and they will helicoil to the same size that is in there now. Last time I had an exhaust bolt done on a buddies norton it cost the same to get on hole helicoiled as it cost to get a helicoil kit.

    The quick fix: I doubt you will be able to retap to the same size, what you may want to do is get a chrome plated bolt from the fastener store in dartmouth, They have a slightly larger diameter for some reason. they will likely be able to get you one a touch longer as well but I would try to stay within 1/8 of an inch there is some wiggle room to the bottom of the hole but not much. Then retap to the stock size and hope it holds.

    If you want to find out how much wiggle room you have take the offending bolt out and measure the depth of the hole, either with a depth guage on a micrometer or using a piece of wire stuck in the hole, marked, then compared to the bolt.

    the first fix will work but cost more. The second fix may work but will always leave you guessing down the road (its one of those things you do to get you going but put on your todo list for next winter).

  8. Eazdcoazdmot

    All fixed.

    I couldn't get a 6mil x 1 heli coil anywhere in I broke down and tapped it to 8mil 1.25. Found a matching bolt at Sackville Motorsports for a couple of bucks.


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