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  1. loren89

    I have a 2004 1100 v star classic, my tank had dents so I bought a tank on ebay and had it painted. The problem23 or question I have is the 2004 v star has a vent line coming from the back of the tank on the bottom and heads back towards the rear wheel , the tank I received and have seen others on ebay have no vent on the bottom. Is this necessary as a vent? or was it some type of smog it ok to run without it.

    Thanks loren89

  2. quicgmicg

    I have a 2004 1100 v star classic, my tank...

    Looks like yours may be a Cali model. I don't think you need the vent. Check out the pic... Just make sure you have a vented gas cap. The vented caps are on anything 02 down Cal and 05 down federal. You can actually collapse the tank if it can't vent so make sure you get one....

    As for the hose going out of the tank, a golf tee will plug it just fine, or you can get rid of all that stuff and just cap it off at the carb. Just make sure you save the smog stuff just in case.

  3. loren89


    Thanks a ton for taking the time and explaining, makes sense now.....good old air quality. I'll get the cap.....its possible the old tank was not venting properly through the canister and carb had a ton of vacuum when removing the hose or cap.

    Again thanks for your time and knowledge.



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