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    Have question about tank bibs . There is a small hole at one end of the bib looks like it mounts to the tank mounting bolt under the seat, if this is so will the bolt wear through the bib over time or should there be some type of grommet? what other ways of mounting this without ruining the bib??

  2. Abozdle146

    if the bib is leather it should be OK. if you want i'm sure you could always throw a rubber washer in there... just make sure you locktite it when you put it back together.

  3. cazilwer

    The mounting bolt under the seat, if I remember correctly, has a built-in washer. I have a leather Mustang tank bib, and so far so good, it's only been a few months, but I haven't noticed any wear around the hole after three thousand + miles. There isn't any movement or a lot of pressure on the hole, so I don't think it's a real concern, IMO.

  4. TheGoltj

    If it's like the bib I have on mine, the hole is there to allow the screw to go through, but it's not really doing much to hold the bib in place. The speedometer console does most of the holding down of the bib, not the screw, so there's really no pressure on the leather around the screw hole.


    thanks for the info

  6. rekkae3

    Mine just had a general large open space just slightly smaller than the housing but at the bottom and upper right and left it had Velcro and Velcro strips to stick to the tank seems to work fine


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