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Taking the mufflers off

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  1. JAHolzdon

    Hello everyone, I'm brand new to this website and have already found it extremely informative. I have an 05' V-Star Classic 1100 and hate the stock sound. I did an oil change last summer and when I was done I left the mufflers off and took a ride around the block. I absolutely loved the sound but was told by some friends that I would burn up the valves if i continued to ride it this way, so I put them back on right away. I'd love to put some new pipes on ie. sampson rip saws but can't really afford it right now. I was wondering if anyone knew for sure that riding without the mufflers would cause damage to my motor. Thanks all, Justin from Wisconsin

  2. bkman

    If you want a louder sound, look for some slip-on mufflers or de-baffle your stock ones. De-baffling is the cheaper way to go, and you shouldn't have to re-jet or do any drastic tuning to make it work. There are many threads here and on other websites to guide you through the steps of de-baffling.

    Slip-on mufflers are not terribly expensive, and you can often find some good used ones on e-bay, craigs list and even here in the swap shop area. You might even notive some performance increase if you open the exhaust up a little. With slip ons, you may or may not have to re-jet the carbs. It probably depends on which ones you choose. I have a friend who runs Cobra slip-ons (with baffles installed) on his 2004 V-Star 1100. He never touched his carbs - it's been fine for over 10,000 miles.

    Running a bike with straight pipes (no baffles or mufflers) can usually be made to work, but simply removing the mufflers is not advisable. First of all, it will probably end up getting you a ticket. In my experience, law enforcement officers don't tend to bother people with loud bikes too much. However, if you're riding around with no mufflers and the stock head pipes just dangling from the motor, they're gonna know you've magooed something up. I'd be suprised if they don't eventually say something.

    Secondly, your low-end power will probably suffer with a completely open exhaust (though the top end might be improved with proper jetting) and there is a risk of damage to the engine if the air / fuel ratio goes too lean for too long. Actually, I am a little suprised it ran properly with the mufflers off. Did you notice a lack of power during take-off or any flat spots in the throttle range (like a weak top end) or any backfiring? Perhaps because the OEM air intake system is so convoluted and restrictive on these bikes, it just doesn't lean it out THAT much with the mufflers off.

  3. JAHolzdon

    Thanks bkman, I didn't notice any power loose but then again I have a Kury Hyper Charger/re-jetted and didn't ride it for more than a couple minutes around the neighborhood, never really getting over 40 mph. But I did see a bike just like mine the other day with the mufflers off and just wasn't sure if my friends were right or not. The last thing I want to do is cause damage to my bike for the sake of a better sounding ride.

  4. yzcoodermac

    I think your ok on the valves I just wouldn't do it in really cold weather.I did mine the same way last summer and loved the sound.I eventually put a set of Samson Ripsaws on .They sound really good if you like that kind of exhaust.Good luck in your quest for exhaust.B safe .Mac

  5. bkman

    If you're already re-jetted then you may well be okay, as Mac just said.


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