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tail lights wiring colors

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  1. AiginudNY

    My bike is in the barn/garage without a battery and I had wanted to work on the tail lights this winter. If I remove the fender with the tail lights will there be a quick disconnect or will I have to unwire the whole thing?

    If I add some super bright LEDs along with the brake light in parallel I should not have to put a load resistor in the circuit like the LED turn signals. Which color will be the brake light?

    LEDs to light the license plate should also not need a resistor. Which color wire will be the rear marker light and not the brake light for power?

  2. einzdan

    In the 1100 Classic manual the running light is a blue wire with a red trace, the brake light wire is yellow.

  3. Silwerato5x5

    Here is something that may or may not be useful to the 1100, I am converting my 1300 to use a simple affordable tail light converter. This way I will have running, tail and stop lights in the rear, I am using PCB board red low/high LEDs with 5 watt Cree emitters with a driver in amber for the turn signals as well, as long as the lens is clear everything should be legal. The Crees will be mounted atop the PCB board.

    An image of the 1300 wiring schematic.

    Visit your local automotive store (or Wal-Mart) and buy a Hopkins #48845 Trailer Light Adapter. They’re about $15.00 to $20.00.

    While the Kuryakin has advantages I think its overpriced, wiring LEDs are a problem to some flasher circuits, good luck.

  4. AiginudNY

    I bought my brake light on eBay cheap. Only the brake light and the extra brake light is LED, the flashing lights are still normal ones. The turn signals are just getting relocated higher on the fender.

  5. quicgmicg

    My bike is in the barn/garage without a battery and...

    To answer your first question - There is a plug under the seat, just undo it and the fender with all the wiring will be ready to take off.

    You only need the resistors in the turn signal circuit ...

    ...I think you got the wiring color info already....let us know how it turns out.

  6. AiginudNY

    Thanks for the info. I had wanted to use my volt meter before I pulled the battery for the winter, but it got too cold too fast.

    It is a bad habit from work to know what I am getting into before I start so I have all the tools to do the job.


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