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  1. formerfuss

    Thought I would relay my experiences with trying to add my tach from the V Star 650 to the new 950. I hooked it up the same as with the 650 on the negative terminal of one of the ignition coils and it seemed to read low, about half of what is expected. Thru discussions with Mort and others decided it must be a Single Fire Ignition and required an adapter to receive signals from both coils. I found instructions on how to make my own adapter, but when I hooked it up I got no reading from the tach. I figured I must have made a mistake in constructing the adapter and bought one. After hooking it up I got the same result, no reading. I can hook it to either coil and get the lower reading. Let me know if anyone has a better idea.

  2. FretReit


    Did you say what was the brand name of the tach you took off the 650? I am really interested in installing a tach on my 950 whenever I get it. All the vehicles I drive have a tach and I am accustomed to using it to gauge my driving efficiency.

  3. formerfuss

    Hey Fred,

    It is the "No Name" chrome tach you see on ebay. It looks just like the Drag Specialist. I haven't given up on it yet. I will keep plugging away until I figure it out. Sent an e-mail to the company that sells the tach and adapter for their input.

  4. formerfuss

    Ok..My Bad! I came home tonight and decided to change the lead extension wire from the tach to the signal lead of the adapter. I fired it up and the tach reads correctly now. Apparently the smaller lead wire had resistance that blocked the signal to the tach. That combined with the resistors in the adapter kept it from working. I used 14 gauge stranded wire. I used the adapter I bought, so I have an extra one that I made, if someone wants it cheap.

  5. FretReit

    Excellent, formerfuss. Some picx would be nice. I personally think the handlebars are missing some guages.

  6. formerfuss

    Here are pics of my tach with Formotion Clock and Thermometer attached.

  7. FretReit

    Congratulations formerfuss,

    That is a beautiful setup. Exactly what I will do with mine when it arrives.

  8. tunc

    nice set up lookin real good

  9. MorkKW

    Hey, formerfuss.

    First, I'm glad things got sorted out and your tach is now working like a charm. Next, that is good looking set up, very nicely balanced with the clock and thermometer on either side. Just don't glance at the thermometer on a warm summer day and think you're running at about 8,500 RPM - ha!

    Stay well.

    Morg - Key West


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