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Surgery is done

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  1. Fladtok

    I want to thank everyone for the support,my surgery is over.It went well and they sent me home last night,the original pain that was in my leg seems to be gone.I hurt from the surgery of course but Im walking and moving around OK.
    Now to follows doctors orders and get healed up..

  2. BikRet

    That's great, glad to hear you're doing well. Take care and you'll be on the road before you know it.

  3. Goadlocger69

    Glad to hear it. I pray you have a speedy recover, just don't push it TOO fast

  4. VTvinChic

    Now that's great news! Listen to the doc and take it easy - you don't want to push it and have any setbacks.
    Wishing you a full and speedy recovery!

  5. yhoower

    Glad to hear things went well. I'm sure you'll be back on the bike before you know it.

  6. micg10

    thats great. make sure you don' t rush your recovery.

  7. Fladtok

    Thanks all,I am really taking it easy.I wont do anything but hang out at home till wed. the 23rd which will be first doc visit since the surgery.hoping then I can at least drive myself in my truck....
    One good thing I have noticed[knocking on wood] is the original pain that was in my left leg all the way to my foot is not there anymore..Im praying this has fixed that..5 years of it is long enough.

  8. yhennlj

    Good news ta' hear. Like the others have said, don't rush things. Take the necessary recovery time. Kick back in the recliner and watch movies all day

  9. zliter

    That IS great news. Don't rush the recovery and give your body all the time it needs to completely heal.

  10. BigerDawe

    If you have access to a swimming pool, get the doctors approval to walk around in chest deep water.
    Several benefits include "weightless" exercise as well as the water pressure on the lower legs helps massage blood back to the heart which may minimize the chances of a blood clot.
    The water also offers passive resistance which may reduce muscle atrophy.
    Good luck and take it slow.

  11. Fladtok

    Thanks guys...seem to be doing well so problems getting up and walking around.still cant sleep in a bed though,been using a recliner because it just hurts to lay flat for any length of time..

  12. RalbhLonk

    You are doing great.

    I am about 6 months ahead of you. Had the same surgery - for the same symptoms. Severe pain down the legs. siaticac nerve.

    best advice is to start walking as soon as you can. Start with short walks in your neighbooehood, using a cane if you need too. increase a little more each day.

    eventually, start walking on trails at the local park. the uneven terain will hlp you strengthen the back.

    but above all... keep on walking.


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