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sunday afternoon movie review. FASTER

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  1. JuzdSdewe

    Got REALLy bored this afternoon, (packers were sucking on football), so we left and I coherced (for lack of a better word), momma into going to a movie with me.
    I kinda knew the movie was gonna be a'no brainer', but what the hell.

    She finally gave in , but first we had to figure out if ANY other movies that she'd like to see INSTEAD were playing at the same time. No such luck for her. She had to see THIS one with me...........

    Needless to say, it isn't a chick flick.
    It doesn't truly suck, but it isn't a great film any any stretch of the imagination. Some chase scenes, some decent shoot 'em up scenes (not alot of gore or blood or anything), but mostly NO T & A>>>>>>>>>>

    How can you have an R rated movie without some gratuitous T&A?

    In either case, if you like seeing the 'Rock' in a totally pissed off, 'on a mission' movie, of payback/vengeance,, and a whole lot of little seemingly nonexistant sub plots that KINDA come together in the end, and have nothing else to do on an afternoon, then go see this movie.
    A decent 70s chevelle gets ridden hard, (the sound effects suck tho).

    Again, a decent way to spend/waste a couple of hours of your life. (although I'd of RATHER been riding my bike).


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