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  1. tunc

    ok im down here and we dont get a bike rally as big as sturgis
    so i wont be going
    has been a few reporting there going to the sturgis rally this year

    maybe put a yell out here if your going and a few might be able to meet up either along the way or at sturgis

  2. MitWezdSdar

    Here is a link to Sturgis Webcams...4 Webcams in Downtown Sturgis

    Just starting to filter in....officially starts Monday

    I heard they have been getting some nasty thunderstorms last couple of days.
    Forecast is for some hot temps next week, hope the storms miss them.

    Maybe next year..

  3. tunc

    thanks for the link
    ill be able to see what its all about for myself as i dont think i will ever get there

  4. seoconsultinga

    I've been 3 times. Its always interesting seeing the unique rides, the mass of riders, the 1% crowd, and the multitude of LE. Last time I went, bungie jumping was the thing. 2 cranes were set up over parking lots. The one w/o the air safety bag...just over the black asphalt, was getting all the use. I guess buddies were being tough on each other, but some of the screams on the way down were hilarious.

    This was 15 yrs ago.. I was walking down main and smiling at a softtail w/ a canoe sidecar as it went by...the girl in the sidecar was paddling.. Then I heard a blast from the past, an idenitical sound to the Chevelle I had in high school. Boy was I surprised when turning around that it was a Chevy V8 on a bike that also had a full size radial TA for a back tire and stub wheely bars. It was a wide must have been a Boss Hoss.

    One day I'll go back, but right now we are more into Jeeping the slick rock at Moab.

  5. BuppaKahuna

    I played there in 88 & went back in 06.
    Both my wife & I lived in SD so I've also been there other times besides the drunkfest they call a rally. I won't be back by choice - what a mess. I guess everyone should see it for it themselves at least once.


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