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Stryker Accessory Pics

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  1. jamahadim

    We are dressing up a Stryker for a Star Promo contest, here are a few of the accessories we started with. They look great, superior quality, and fit like a glove. The backrest in my opinion is the sharpest yet on any Star bike.

    Midnight quick release backrest-short

    Midnight windshield-short

    Went with the chrome engine guards instead of the black.

  2. quicgmicg

    Thanks for the pics Tim!

  3. SemberFiDavk

    I like the back rest !!

  4. jamahadim

    The Raider Backrest is suppose to change and be like the Stryker as well.

  5. lusagodom325

    I just installed the same backrest on my bike.. I was going to go with the tall one, but I thought that I would have been to much. I am glad that I went with the small quick release one.

  6. zmogejyoe

    Nice mods and pics!

  7. canyon117

    How much did you pay for backrest, lusagodom325 ? It looks pretty nice.

  8. retzdarraiter

    i must say that the backrest is VERY good looking. my only beef is the radiator fins are quite pernounced. i would probably replace it with a smaller finned one

  9. lusagodom325

    How much did you pay for backrest, lusagodom325 ? It...

    I researched and found that this place had the cheapest prices by a long shot. Awesome company and I will do business with them again.

  10. fuelman36

    Hey jamahadim.
    I see the backrest is now available for the Raider but only in the fixed version. Do you know if the quick release will fit the raider? I see that the Stryker and Raider share the same part number for the fixed backrest so I assume the mounting points are on the same spacing for both bikes. Any info would be appreciated.

  11. cas2159

    Awesome! Love the backrest. Wish I could get that or something simliar for my 950.

  12. jamahadim

    Awesome! Love the backrest. Wish I could get that or...

    My thoughts exactly! I think the 950 one looks terrible. I have saddlebags on my 950 so it does hide most of it.

    The Stryker backrest feels so solid and looks sleek. Yamaha is releasing one for the stryker, maybe they will make them for the rest of the Star bikes...let's hope!

  13. lusagodom325

    I beleive they are making one similar for the Raider.


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