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stratoliner vs triumph thunderbird

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  1. trtarren

    hi all, i am about to get a new bike. i was just about to buy a triumph tbird but then found this bike and i really like it. I am looking for feedback on this bike. your likes and dislikes and if anyone rode both, which you liked better and why.

    thanks for your help

  2. Sdarg

    I didnt like the TBird - but only because it felt too small for me. I didnt ride it, just sat on it - it felt almost as cramped as my old M50. Looks good, and if you're not 6'1" 280lbs you just might love it!

    That said, I flat out LOVE my strat - Only had her 2.5 weeks but with just over 1k miles I feel I'm qualified to love.

  3. cowenandranch

    Haven't ridden the tbird, but I've ridden other, older, limey bikes. Had a Norton once, wish I still had it. The tbird is liquid cooled which may or may not be an issue. Personally it doesn't matter to me except it's something else that can malfunction. I went to Triumph's website and built one to closely approximate all the standard items and add on's on my bike. The total came to almost $19k
    I've only got about $15.5 into my Stratoliner.
    Bottom line..... The Strat wins.

  4. Garj10592

    I have a 96 thunderbird and a strat the older t bird has no resemblance to the new it is a 900cc triple, however i am a triumph guy, my first bike ever was a 67 daytona how i loved that bike, i have had my strat for 15 months, the strat is great it has style power bigness, its different, i love the 40's styling kind of indian chief, however i dont think it is the best touring bike, its a gas guzzler36-38mpg, the triumph is suppssed tobe a fuel sipper according to the srticle i read and has a big fuel tank, the strat only has 4.5 gal and it aint enough.. when i ride in a group i am always the one to pull over to get gas 1st on a bike .5 of a gal is a big deal, plus the t bird is a 6spd the strat is a 5spd, but the dealer nwtwork for yam is much bigger, but triumphs dont break much, the strat is a bit buzzy at crusing speed many people have said they wish it had another gear to lower the rpm a bit, it redlines at 5k but you cruise at 3,200rpm and you know it, it has plenty of legs left at that speed they can run close to 130mph they say if you can hang on that is, but i am thinking the t bird will be a bit more relaxed at crusing speed build quality i would haqve to give the edge to triumph but yam is right up there,the aftermarket for both is goign to be limited you have to search stuff out, not like say a roadstar which has a big following or a harley, but i like having a bike you dont see much, if the t bird had been out i would prob have test rode and got one, i almost bought a rocket III but didnt want to spend the 19k to get it, i paid 14k for my strat and have a bit more in it now, oh the tires on the strat on last about 7k by the way, i have my first set of avons on which are suppossed to last 10k but dont know what the t bird tires will do, i would test ride both and see which one you fall in love with, both bikes will be good probably very good , what I did is made a list of things i wanted in a bike, fuel injection, over 1500cc, cruiser style, air cooled, physical presence, price, then let your list guide u, read all the articles on each bike, jot donw any questions talk to the dealer, do you want the bike to dictate the riding or do you want your riding to dictate the bike, eg if y ou do off road you would buy a cruiser, if you do long distance touring mostly u should look at a goldwing or a FJR1300 or a Harley Ultra or a royal venture, if you like to cruise around and look good a strat or Roadliner, u know if I had a do over i think i would go Roadliner over strat, because 1 yr in i want to change my sheild and bags and i am stuck witrh the ones i paid for, u know triumph has 1,000 or 1,500 of free stuff right now or 5.9 interest, and they have the coolest gear, and some good chrome goodies

    good luck

  5. Garj10592

    hmm i meant to say you would not buy a cruiser excuse my spelling

  6. RocgedJohn

    Thunderbird is a suitable intown bike... not enough power for America's open roads imho...

  7. Garj10592

    I beg to differ at 85hp and over 100 ft lbs of torque and a weight of only 678lbs a 6 speed gearbox i beleive it will out power most cruisers out there
    you know most Harley have 60-70 hp and plenty of them tour fine

  8. JBLee327

    That is a hard call, and for me it would come down to fitment..personal ergonomics..they are both way cool bikes and should get about the same amount of attention but the Triumph IS a Triumph so I think it will get the nod for coolness from the bike crowd where the Strat will get the non-bike crowd attention due to it's retro look. They both have tons of power and physical size which is a requirement for me, the bigger the bike the harder it is to ignore or "not see". Also at 6'5" 250 I don't want to look like a Circus Clown on a tiny bike...memo to self- stop wearing rubber red nose around town...the bottom line and the closer for me was after sitting on all the biggest bikes available I sat on a Roadliner and bought it 48 seconds later. Remember you not only have to love the way looking at it makes you feel but you also have to RIDE it. Try them both on then choose. Good luck and keep us informed. Jim

  9. CrangjCJ

    I beg to differ at 85hp and over 100 ft lbs of torque and a weight of only 678lbs a 6 speed gearbox i beleive it will out power most cruisers out thereyou know most Harley have 60-70 hp and plenty of them tour fine
    +1 98 ci is plenty big.

    Plus Triumph has mostly held true to their own unique styling. When it comes right down to it, the coolness factor would go the the Triumph. I have long believed that the Triumph America or Speedmaster are a pair of the coolest looking bikes out there. At 12.5K may be an option for those that like that style, problem is they are very hard to find.

  10. Mondj

    Haven't ridden a Strat but did test ride the TBird when it first came out. It's a nice bike and I love Triumph's also and have owned a few over the years. As mentioned in other posts, I still have an '08 Triumph Tiger 1050 and it is a great sport touring bike. However, as also mentioned, the TBird would be close to 20K with the equipment I would want and can think of many other bikes in that price range or lower that would be more desireable to me. It did get some awards also from several magazines as "bike of the year" in the touring class. Triumph's Speed Triple also was awarded bike of the year in it's class. Evidently, Triumph is coming back around and making some nice bikes, however, a bit pricey compared to the Japanese bikes and even some Harley's. The Tiger is also a water cooled bike and have had no problems there.

  11. CrangjCJ

    This thread got me thinking so I went out and looked at one.

    Very nice lines. The ergos for me were comfortable, good seat height, good forward control position, arms a little stretched out but I have short arms. It is bigger on the showroom floor than it appears on the website. The front end is raked out nicely. The paint schemes were simple but attractive. The silver and black is sharp.

    The specs on the bike all appear to be there, motor, brakes, belt driven, 6speed, size etc. Definately a full sized cruiser. It is worthy of consideration.

    Over all I think Triumph clearly put THIER stamp on a cruiser rather than making another clone like so many other manufacturers have. Originality definately goes to Triumph. For those that don't want what everybody else is riding, this bike will appeal to them.

  12. 13oSc

    I'm an old guy and I can't get the ugly images out of my head...
    Oil stained garage floors and a bunch of worn out battery tenders...
    I want a Jap Bike.
    Triumph, H-D, Norton...Jawa... No thanks.

  13. Mondj

    I'm an old guy and I can't get the ugly images out of my head...Oil stained garage floors and a bunch of worn out battery tenders...I want a Jap Bike.Triumph, H-D, Norton...Jawa... No thanks.
    No comparison to the new Triumph's and those of the old days. I have owned them off and on for over 50 years and, believe me, the new ones are pretty much trouble free.

  14. 13oSc

    Mondj, you're probably right, but I'm never going back there.
    When I look back and see all the "wrenching" I had to do back then it literally makes me SICK! I was ROBBED of my youthful riding days! I should probably sue somebody!

  15. Mondj

    Mondj, you're probably right, but I'm never going back there.When I look back and see all the "wrenching" I had to do back then it literally makes me SICK! I was ROBBED of my youthful riding days! I should probably sue somebody!
    You're right, also, 34. I still remember those wrenching days, leaking oil, etc. I do think, however, that Triumph have gone all out on this cruiser. The sales on the Rocket have been low and the America and Speed Master are a little underpowered for serious cruiser riders.
    It seems like all my older bikes, BSA, Norton, Triumph, and even Harley's had serious build problems and were in dire need of modern technology. I like the story Chill Wills told about meeting James Dean, when filming the movie "Giant". Said he got to Marfa, TX, went in Dean's room and there was a Harley parked inside with oil all over the carpet. Guess we just expected it then and didn't know any better.

  16. kamezbanger

    The front end of hte bike reminds me a LOT of a V-Star Custom. I don't kow. Sees to be a bare bones bike. Which is always cooler that one with a windshiled and bags.

    One of the things I love about my Strat is the quick release windshield and quick release back rest. I change my bike up a lot. I would not trade it for a T-bird.

    But again...the T-bird has the Stratty in the cool column...but if I wanted to be cool, I would have bought a Raider

    Knew a guy that had a Truiph and one of his helmet stickers said "Triumph makes Triumph Dumbass"......that is just classic.


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