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  1. wtan

    hi there, anywhere or anyone have discuss regarding exchanging wheels on the vstar 1100 classic. what i ment is trying to put other vstar, raider and other bike stock wheels model into the vstar. will it fit?. i was looking for alternative since custom wheels like from RC or other manufacture a bit high price for my budget. will if fit on my vstar. like the wheels for the raider thinking of buying the stock front wheel and putting it on the vstar. has any one done similar and dose anyone have any pics.

  2. 1CuzdominFL

    Front tire may be compatible with something else, but with the rear being shaft drive, I wouldn't think so.

  3. LiddleBen

    AS far as I know all the choices you have are either custom or classic interchanges. I had cast wheels on my 04 classic and I swapped them out for the spokers. because I wanted chrome and spokes instead of cast. These 2 bikes are animals of thier own family being shaft drive. The selection of custom wheels is limited also because of the rear drive setup.


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