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Stock exhaust mod

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  1. chiabaz47

    Hey everyone...

    just found this mod ( and was wondering if any of you have performed it... if so, what kind of results did you get? worth it?

    if not, do you have any type of mods for the stock exhaust... my goal is to get a bit more sound of it. i looked into getting some slip-ons or pipes, but cash flow is low at the moment...

    any input is appreciated... thanks.

  2. 1CuzdominFL

    Yeah it's pretty common low-budget way to get a little more sound out of the stock pipes. I did it but I didn't put in the tail pieces, just left it opened up. Still not really loud, but much more than stock.

  3. BigerRop328

    I still haven't decided if I will go with that mod... for the time being, I just drilled four extra holes. It gives the bike a little bit deeper tone, and I can hear the exhaust a little more at highway speeds.

    Here are the photos:

  4. gewazuz

    I just did the exhaust mod and I love the sound. I do not have any backfiring from my '99 1100. It's a LOT louder than stock and is pretty quiet on the highway until you open it up then it gets loud! Great mod and the bit I bought is from Home Depot for like $12. I used a 14.4 volt drill but it took both batteries (1 for each exhaust).

    Great Mod!

  5. 1CuzdominFL

    Yeah a decent 1 1/2" bi-metal holesaw does the trick.

  6. yeff7

    i just did the exhaust last weekend. very easy to do. i love how it sounds. my 1100 is alot more fun to ride now. also costs almost nothing to do.

  7. chiabaz47

    thanks for the feedback everyone... since i'm new to mods i had thought of starting out by drilling the 4 holes like bikerrob did, but it seems like going for the full mod (removal of baffles) isn't that much more so i think i'm going to try that. my bike is a 2008 classic, and from what i've read so far sees to be a little more involved than previous models (2005 and older). it also seems like the backfire problem is not that big an issue.

    so now all i have to do is hit up a buddy for a drill... thanks everyone.

  8. chucghecg

    i have an 07 classic & drilled 3 holes to start then i used a 1&1/2 hole saw, finally i fired up my compressor put a chisel in my pneumatic hammer and chiseled out the rings around the baffel and then pulled the baffel which left me with a sound i like, but if your o8 is like mine i had a hell of a time getting it out.

  9. 2clazzic

    I also have an 07 classic, and did the holesaw mod. If you have a large slide hammer with an attachment that screws in to the handle of a vise grip, it helps a lot.

    I agree that the sound is much better than stock. It got me by until I got to the "new pipes" part of my list. Now the modified stock pipes are on a shelf, and Cobra Lo-Boy Shotguns without baffles have taken their place .

    I would definitely do the holesaw mod again, though. It sounds great!

    Good luck,


  10. mgzbrz

    Did the mod as a temporary fix before getting new pipes. Rode it like that for about 4 months. Loved it, never rejetted, never had any problems. Would highly recommend it, it is however much more difficult than I thought it would be.



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