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  1. mcgrandma18

    Am wondering if anyone has had a kick stand problem with their Roadliner?
    Have a 2006 Roadliner and whenever I ride during warm weather, the kickstand gets stuck and I can not get it down. Last year going down to KS, I had three times where I had to fill the gas tank and take off again without a pit stop.
    Have not heard of anyone else having that problem around here, but am sure there are a lot of warm state riders that must have encountered this in their rides. Looking for a solution to this problem for this year of riding.
    Live in WI, so bike is put up for the winter.

    Thank you for any feed back I can get. Lynne

  2. micg10

    welcome to the family. the bolt holding it on may be coming lose causing the stand to hook on something stopping it from going down. wouldn't hurt to give it a spray with WD40 or someting similar.

  3. mcgrandma18

    Hi micg10,

    Have done that every time I ride and it does not work! Have asked my mechanic about it and they don't know what is causing that. Is very annoying especially when I run into what I did last year with it. Am thinking of putting on an afterMarget kickstand this next year!

  4. micg10

  5. GaryTJ15

    If I were you, I would find something to lean the bike against and start taking the kickstand apart. It is not a complicated design and I am sure you will find the problem in a very short period of time. Lube everything well while apart and reassemble.


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