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starting issue when bike turned on

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  1. migerot

    question - after turning the key, and flipping the "on" button on the bike, I always hear a part of the bike on the left side start clicking like its charging or filling something up. I've always assumed this was a fuel pump or something like that. Lately as I've turned on the bike, this clicking/charging sound has significantly slowed down and the bike has started having trouble starting. Does anyone know what part of the bike starts with that clicking when you turn the on button? I just replaced the battery a few weeks ago and had it tested this weekend - so im trouble shooting to see whats next?!

    Thanks all!

  2. bkman

    The later V-Stars have fuel cutoff solenoids on the carbs and ALL the V-Stars have electric fuel pumps. Both of these devices can make a clicking sound when the ignition is first turned on. The fuel pump will sometimes click several times (rapidly) and other times not much at all (if any). It depends on how much the fuel pressure is when the ignition is energized. In any event, the fuel cutoff solenoids ALWAYS cycle several times as a self-test and they make quite a racket.

    If you're suddenly having difficulty starting the bike, you MAY have a fuel pressure issue, but I would not jump straight to that conclusion. I'd suggest that you first consider where you last filled up - you might just have a bad tank of fuel. Also, things like worn spark plugs, dirt or varnish in the carbs or clogged fuel filters can cause hard starting.

  3. migerot

    thanks for the info - learning a lot here and really appreciate the time to explain it!


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