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Starting issue for an XJ750

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  1. Trawizm

    Hello everyone,
    I'm new to the forum but from what ive searched everyone has a great deal of knowledge to share so hopefully someone can point me in the right direction. I'm looking at a project bike, its an 82 750 maxim, with roughly 8000 miles on it. Problem is it wont start. Electrical turns on just fine, but when you try to start the engine the lights go dim almost out, but the second you let off ignition they come back up. The guy says he thinks its a fuse issue, i think its a starter issue because i dont even hear it trying to turn over. The plugs do look bad, but i dont know if that would be enough to completely kill it, as he says it was running during the summer. Any ideas? im on a collage budget so i dont want to get in to deep. Thanks!

  2. flazh680

    Here are the best tips you can get:

    Get a service manual for your bike. it will help emencely

    1. Replace the fuse block under the seat and the connections

    2. get a NEW battery, most electric start bikes need a new battery every 2 years.

    3. Check the condition of the starter. is it working to specs?

    4. clean the carbs, most use a mix of seafoam and gas depending on the contion of the carbs. you may have to do a complete tear down to do a good job.

    5. fresh fuel / clean tank

    6. New spark plugs, I change my plugs every 3000 miles.

    These are the CHEAPEST fixes because you can do it yourself saving yourself labor rates of about 60 buck an hour.

    I have 1 complete restore under my belt and I am looking for another prject maybe a 750 virago or a 1100 Virago.

    I am also in the process of restoring my 1995 pontiac grand am. its in great shape yet but since they are not making any more pontiacs after next year it maybe worth doing it now when it will cost me less to do it.

    Any question feel free to ask. I have a vast collection of service manuals I have collected for the last 4 years from swap meets and bike shows I use for helping others

  3. Trawizm

    Thanks for all the suggestions. If all goes well I should be picking it up in a week or so. So I'll start with the fuses and move forward. It's gonna need alot of tlc. The tank has a nasty dent with some rust on it as well as the rest of the body so I'm sure there will be plenty more questions. Thanks again.


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