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starter problems

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  1. 18carwer

    Hi. I bought my '01 v-star custom last fall with 15k miles on it. After a month of great Montana riding I hit some sand and layed it down. The damage was all cosmetic, it still started up and ran just fine. When I put the battery back in a couple of days ago it started up on the second try, but then died. Now when I turn the key all the lights, signals, odometer work perfectly, but power cuts off and I here a click sound when I push the starter. After that, Turning the key on and off brings no power to the lights.

    I've checked the fuses and some of the wiring connections. Any other suggestions? Thanks...

  2. LiddleBen

    Have you tried having the battery tested for a dead cell? did you leave the battery on a tender over the winter. Just sounds like a weak battery to me. Can you elaborate more fully on the problem?

  3. yaro

    It could be that your battery is discharged or damaged. Try to remove the battery and charge it. Maybe your bike does not charge the battery? Check the rectifier.

  4. yaro

    It looks like Ben beat me to that suggestions while i was typing

  5. rzchafer2

    Where in Montana are you that you can put your battery back in already? I am in Glendive and its still too cold.

  6. 18carwer

    Im in Missoula. It was in the 40's over the weekend and there was a bunch of bikes out (including my roommate). It rained this morning, hopefully it helped clear some of the sand off the roads...

  7. 18carwer

    The battery has been on a tender since November. It's fully charged when I put it in the bike and all the lights work perfectly when I turn the bike on. The starter just shuts everything down. I replaced the spark plugs yesterday because they looked worn, but with no success. I think I'll just break down and buy a new battery. How would I test for a dead cell?

  8. 1CuzdominFL

    Just to rule out the starter possibly being seized which would put a huge load on the battery, pull it off. Only 2 bolts and a wire, connect it directly to 12v with a couple jumper wires and see if it spins. or maybe leave the hot wire connected and ground the starter with a jumper and hit the start button.

  9. 1CuzdominFL

    Skip that second part. If you use just 2 jumper wires and eliminate the bike's wiring altogether, that may help to single out the starter better.


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