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  1. MiniMom69

    Hey guys! I normally post on the 650 forum since that's what I ride, but my hubby as an 2002 1100. We bought last year from a Harley Dealer. Today we were getting ready to go for a ride had an issue. It cranked up fine. We were getting ready, decided to check tire pressure, he rolled it up so I could check the pressure and turned it off. It would not start back up. It sounds like it's just turning. Does this sound like the starter? We can push start it but it will not start with the electric start at all. Any suggestions?

  2. quicgmicg

    This would be a good place to start...

    Should help diagnosing the problem... It almost sounds like the starter gear. They can go out from improper starting technique or a TPS that is not adjust correctly.

  3. MiniMom69

    We push started it and then rode for a while. We made sure to hit some bumpy roads incase something was just jammed. Once we got back, he turned it off and it cranked right back up. I told him I had read on this forum about not using any throttle when starting, he turned it off and then waited a little while and cranked it again. It started right up. We're really glad it's starting but still concerned. Thanks for the link, I'm checking it out now.

  4. quicgmicg

    I'm glad it's fixed. Maybe something was just jammed (fingers crossed)......

  5. MiniMom69

    Well, after sitting a while longer, it won't start. So we're looking into the starter clutch problem. We're going to see if we can figure out how to take the starter off and see if that is okay. If it is, then from what we're reading it'll be the starter clutch. This does not sound good. I don't understand how yamaha can get away with a defect like this.

  6. MiniMom69

    So how hard is it to replace a starter or starter clutch with no mechanical experience but a lot of determination?

  7. quicgmicg

    The first thing to do is to take the battery in and have it checked. Then check the starter to make sure it's turning OK. If all that checks out, it's probably the starter clutch.

    Those clutches can last 100,000+ miles with proper starting technique (never opening the throttle at start) ...and by making certain your TPS is adjusted properly. All of this is covered in the owners manual.

    With that said, it is one of the only weak links on the 1100. I've got almost 40,000 on my bike with no major repairs. If I lose the starter clutch, I've still done pretty good when comparing it to any other bike on the road as far as major repairs at that mileage.

    It is a relatively big job to replace it. A shop generally charges around $500 for labor and the parts run right at about $500. You can do it yourself as long as you have a way to remove the flywheel. I know lots of people that have done it and they are no smarter than you or I.

    Again...I go back to getting the battery checked first. When my battery went out, it was doing something similar......

  8. MiniMom69

    Okay, we've got a battery charger here. We'll put it on that first thing when the hubby gets home tonight. We don't have a manual for it, didn't have one at the dealer we bought it from. My brother was telling me about one you can buy that is like the service managers manual but I don't remember the name of it. Any suggestions? Don't mind downloading a pdf version of one.

  9. Fulldild1

    Get one here.

    Lots of V-star 1100 info here.

    All Courtesy of D. Slone.

  10. quicgmicg

    Okay, we've got a battery charger here. ...

    I'd actually take the battery to an auto parts tore and have it tested. A charger won;t tell you if the battery has a bad cell or is weak in any other way. Though it IS a good idea to have it fully charged when you take it in.

    Follow the link Fulltilt posted and you'll find what you need...

  11. MiniMom69

    Thanks so much! Got it

  12. dazmolek64

    Sry to say this but it sounds like the starter clutch. I had a similar problem with my 03 1100 vstar. One day the starter would spin but wouldnt turn the engine over. After cranking on it for a little bit it finally started and I was able to ride it. Once I shut it off it did the same thing. This went on for a few weeks off and on until the starter finally locked up and wouldnt turn the engine over. These bikes are known for starter clutch problems so it wouldnt surprise me if that is your problem. It is not cheap either. I was quoted 1200$ for parts and labor plus a starter that locked up which was 500$. I am handy with fixing vehicles but never worked on a bike before and i wouldnt attempt it if you are not very mechanical.

  13. quicgmicg

    The last price quotes we've seen on the new replacement starter clutch kits is around $485 for parts and about $350-$400 for labor. so's certainly not a cheap fix.

    Starters you can now find brand new at SS Custom Cycle for $159.00 for a chrome one.


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