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Starter Clutch done

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  1. Jawman

    Had the mentioned symptoms, of spinning starter with no engine engagement, on a 2000 XVS1100A

    I am in Eastern Canada and one gear alone cost me $400 !

    Total cost for the job with almost $800 worth of parts was $ 1083 Canadian.

    Someone else on another thread mentioned trying YAmaha for partial compensation. This only works in the US, and Yamaha CAnada basically told me to forget it.



  2. vakonman

    Hey Jawman,
    I had the starter clutch fail on my 2006 XVS1100A when the bike was only 2 years old. Same cost to repair as you and Yamaha Canada also told me I was dreaming if I thought they were gonna compensate me. Don't feel like you have been singled out. I've been told that the starter clutch is the weak point on this bike - but there are ways to pospone the inevitable.

  3. 1CuzdominFL

    I did mine for right around $400 US total last summer on my '02

  4. silverfox39

    You did it yourself? If so, how difficult was it?

  5. 1CuzdominFL

    It wasn't that bad. I downloaded the service manual for the bike so that part was free. Just make sure the timing marks are lined up BEFORE taking inner parts apart and don't turn the crank until it's put back together. Not to say it's impossible (I didn't know this until afterwards) but it'll make it easier. No special tools needed, but I did use my 1/2' impact to get the flywheel nut off. Other than that be patient, don't force anything back together, watch for little springs and whatnot that can fall from behind flywheel and go to bottom of crankcase, possible into gear teeth.

  6. vakonman

    What 1CuzdominFL mentioned about the timing parameters is absolutely critical. The bone head mechanics in the bike shop that changed out my starter clutch disregarded the importance of this and bent the valves in my rear cylinder when they started up my bike. I'm still amazed that these guys think they can just forge ahead without following proven procedures. I even mentioned the timing issues to them before they started the job and they just treated me like I was the village idiot talking to the great experts. Idiots!!

  7. Bamazcood

    Hint,,start in neutral, when at all possible.


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