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  1. ffc305

    Can I get some suggestions on a popular topic? My bike sat for the winter with about 2 gallons of gas. Ran rough at first start and worse a couple days later. Bought Seafoam and put about half a can in and replaced the fuel filter. Also charged battery but now having trouble running for more than a few seconds. The air filter is plugged at one end? I am getting fuel out of the pump and plan on taking out the plugs tomorrow as I am out of new ideas. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Bulltok

    The air filter is plugged at one end?
    Sorry don't understand what you mean. Buy a new air filter. I'd also pull the tank and open up the air box. Clean out any oil that is in the air box. Dump the gas and put fresh fuel in the tank.

  3. ffc305

    Thanks for the response, the air filter (which looks brand new) is open at one end and had a rubber plug at the outlet going into the reed valve, which seems odd. I did drain the fuel/refill and it started up and ran for half a minute then died and wouldn't restart. The bad fuel may have caused another problem.

  4. N2cr7zharg

    Try replacing your plugs too. The stock plugs are easy to foul.


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