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Square peg.... Round hole.

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  1. VTvinChic

    Looking into the PhatRisers, but have a little question. There is no fitment for the 950, so I'm going a little blindly into this.

    I see their risers (and a few others, such as ShowChrome, etc) have square bottoms. Is there an insert I missed somewhere in the pics, or what? I know 650 riders use these, but how do the square risers securely fit into the round openings on the crown?

    P.S. Yes, I saw the Baron's Kickback bars, but they only offer 1.75" pullback, whereas the PhatRisersII offer 3" - I'm short, y'all.

  2. FretReit

    Hi VTwin,

    My advice would be to wait until they make one for the 950. This part is too important to try to fiddle it to fit.

  3. VTvinChic

    Fred, that would be nice, but I called Scootworks today and asked about the fitment. I asked if it is a case where the risers just flat-out didn't fit, or if they just haven't been able to check fitment on a 950. They said they hadn't even seen a 950 in their shop to tell if it would work or not.

    With that, I'm really game to be their guinea pig, as I will finally be able to sit back in true "cruiser" fashion. My new Corbin seat has a great backrest, but with the current position (even after my "roll mod"), I can't fully utilize it. I'm still outstretched some.

    Now, the question: Do I try the PhatRisers or PhatRisersII ? I want to try the PRII, as it gives another full inch (3" total) pullback, but am concerned I'd have to get longer throttle, brake & clutch cables. shucks.... stainless anyone? Regardless, I need to order a set pronto. Ideas, anyone?

  4. Jonezpoj

    I had a set of risers on my Roadie, that were square bottomed. They were from Big Bike Parts and they worked fine. The square part fit in the round part of the triple tree and once you get them tight and the bars mounted they ain't going anywhere.

  5. zliter

    Here is a thought. Go to your Yamaha dealer and ask the parts people if the risers from a 650 will interchange with the 950. If they don't know ask them to put a caliper to them and get accurate measurements. As long as the diameter is the same and the mounting bolt is the same then there should not be a problem. If those interchange, then more than likely so will the PhatRisers.

  6. FretReit

    Hi VTwin,

    I now understand your dilemma. zliter makes a good point. I hope you get it sorted out soon.


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