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Sport vs Touring vs Crusier tires

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  1. Tacgtriwer

    I was just wondering.
    Ive been told I cant run tires for the sportbike front on the V Star front. Man thats heartbreaking cause they looked like a reasonable price. Whats the reason? Weight? Cant be speed, I wouldnt think.

    Also I was looking at some touring tires, these things dont look much like MC tires at all, they look a LOT like a car tire. Not as rounded, more flattened. They guy said they had super hard rubber and would last a long time but unless you had a Wing or a Glide they werent to be used.....So a hard rubber compound that dont grip as well is good a a bike with a ton of expensive plastic to break when you crash???? Huh???

    So about that time I think Im getting smoke blowed up my great beyond.
    So I walk out and decide to ask the real experts....


  2. retzdaret

    I can tell you that sport bike tires have way more traction because of the soft rubber, but they also wear out much quicker. I personally would look for something in between sport bike and tourer tires. Tourer are meant for mostly highway riding and do not grip as well.

  3. gman110

    I had Conti Road Attack sport touring tires on my liner for about 3500 miles till they were totally worn out. The did give good traction but were much shorter than the stock tires so it drug everything more than the stock tires did. Going full sport tires will result in better traction but even worse mileage from them. Add in the fact that most modern sportbikes use 17" rim size so to get them to fit you would have to change out the rims. At one time sportbikes used 16" front rims but that has been a while and the tire selection for 16's are not that great anymore.

  4. Mondj

    Sport bikes and sport tourers have a much shorter wheel base and are quite a bit higher in profile that the cruisers, as you probably already know. For that reason the tires are designed for quick handling, mountain carving, etc. As mentioned wear out much quicker also.


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