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  1. gundislam

    Just got back from a ride and used a gps to check the speedo. It is reading about 5 miles an hour fast. Is there an adjustment that can be made to correct this?

  2. tocdorvho

    Just got back from a ride and used a gps...

    You can get a 240 tire...the taller tire fixes the speedo issue or you can buy a speed healer. They are about $115.00. I have one and don't need it...I went with the 240 option. It is brand new in the box and has never been installed. I'd sell it for $80 plus shipping if you're interested.


  3. fage

    So if your speedo is reading 70mph, you're actually going 75mph?

    Every bike I have been on has read slower than what the speedo was showing.

  4. gundislam

    my bad, when it reads 70 I'm doing 65.

  5. Moonej

    I just lived with it until it was time to replace the rear tire, then went with the 240. There were several reasons I was going to switch to the bigger tire anyway, this is just one more reason I'm happy with it.

  6. yjmmjyajmez

    I had always heard that most motorcycle speedometers do read 5 mph lower than actual values. I rode by one of those speed awareness displays, which shows your exact speed. I looked down, and low and behold my speedometer read exactly the same mph. I am riding on a 240 rear tire. Makes perfect sense.

  7. gundislam

    Sounds like the best solution is to go with a 240 rear tire. Thanks

  8. tocdorvho

    Sounds like the best solution is to go with a...

    Even though I would like to get rid of the healer, you are correct. But you will get much more than just a more accurate speedo with the 240.


  9. yacg590

    what, other than looks, is the advantage of the 240 vs the 210?

  10. yjmmjyajmez

    what, other than looks, is the advantage of the 240...

    I have no idea, but really, what else can be better, than a wide radical look on your Raider?

  11. matcruser

    what, other than looks, is the advantage of the 240...

    Corrects speedo read and adds a little more cushion to the ride. Personally, I wouldn't discard a good 210 tire but would definately install a 240 when replacing a worn 210.

    Oh looks cool too

  12. Moonej

    Well, I think it all boils down to opinion for the most part.

    It's not any wider once you get it mounted, because it has to squeeze onto the same rim. Here are my personal reasons I like the 240 better:

    1. Squeezing the wider 240 onto the Raider rim makes the center of the tread area taller (that's what changes your gearing). That makes for 2 advantages in handling that I noticed - first, it makes the back end of the bike sit up a little higher, which means I can lean further into a turn before dragging pegs, pipes, etc. It should be noted that I had to adjust my headlight up a little to get the beam back where I wanted it. Second, it gives me tread further down on the sides of the tire. With my 210, I used the tread all the way to the edge - I have about 3/4" of tread on the 240 that I can't even get to (due to dragging). I know that using all of the tread isn't a bad thing, but I feel a little better knowing that the tire can lean further than the bike can.

    2. It fixes the gear ratio. This not only fixes the speedo, it gives me a little more top speed and lowers my RPMs at highway cruising speed = better mileage.

    3. It's about $60-70 cheaper than the 210. That one's hard to argue with!

  13. bohleaze

    I was just looking to solve this problem on my stratoliner. Check out

    and look at their speedohealer. Looks like exactly what you need.

  14. yacg590

    Thanks Moonej.......thats the kind of answer I hoped for.

  15. Moonej

    Thanks Moonej.......thats the kind of answer I hoped for....

    No problem...


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