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speedo light out

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  1. ytupp1

    probably the first time i have had the 650, (2000) out at night and there was no speedo light. guessing just a bad bulb. i did just have the speedo mount off when adjusting the valves last week, didnt notice the bulb, not that i was looking. do i just pull thos3 three alans to get to the bulb. do i neeed to unclip the two wire harness' and speedo cable to get to it?? thanks for any help. ill be lookin at it tomarrow

  2. retzdaret

    You need to unhook it to flip it over including the spedo cable. There is a rubber thing on the bottom that you just pull out to get to it.

  3. ytupp1

    k sounds good thanks!!

  4. Smith31

    Really easy to change as mentioned above. Get you one of the 360 deg LED bulbs to replace it and enjoy being able to see the WHOLE speedo face. Great upgrade. I used this one

  5. ytupp1

    Really easy to change as mentioned above. Get you one...

    dang it i already replaced but maybe ill throw one of these in amyways

  6. ringo16

    Just search LED 194 on ebay and pick a color. I just ordered the 9 LED version for mine.


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