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Spark plugs replacement

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  1. tme

    Hi gang,
    I'm changing the plugs for the first time on my 08 Vstar 1300T and I was told I needed to lift up the gas tank to do it? Anyone know of a way of doing this a different way? Thanks for your input.


  2. Jonezpoj

    How manny miles on it? Seems the bike shops want to sell $4 spark plugs as the same plugs last as much as 50,000 miles in cars. On my R* the tank has to come off. I just changed mine at 22,000+ and they looked ok, but for a $1.39 at Auto Zone what the hey.

  3. poppj

    How manny miles on it? Seems the bike shops want...

    i have 15,000 miles on my plugs and they still look good...changing plugs every 8,000 is a joke.

  4. Jonezpoj

    i have 15,000 miles on my plugs and they still...

    You got that right, in fact when was the last time you changed the gear oil in the rearend on your car????

  5. poppj

    You got that right, in fact when was the last...

    Let me think......NEVER..... and i have 170,000 miles on my my car...i have not had to adjust valves on my bike for 28,000 miles...the dealership told me i should bring the bike in every 4,000 miles to have them checked...i have a friend that has 51,000 miles on his bike...the last time he had to adjust his valves was at 12,000 miles...they just never change much after the break in of the engine on these bikes. but the dealership will never tell you that.

  6. MorkKW


    Changing plugs is a simple 15 min process and requires only the removal of two of the 4 plastic-chrome cylinder head covers to get to the plugs. They are located beneath the left front cover and right rear cover (remove the 2 Allen head bolts on each one) and are very easily accessible for removal and replacement. Note: our plugs have an extended thread pattern, which requires a little more ratcheting than normal. As always, never "over-tighten" them when replacing them after applying a very light coat of motor oil on the plug's small metal ring gasket.

    Take care.

  7. vakonman

    when replacing them after applying a very light coat of...

    Hey Morg,
    I've never heard this tip before. What is the purpose? Is it the same logic as lubing a rubber O-ring before assembly? Thanks.

  8. LiddleBen

    Yeah, what he said except, I always put anti seize compound on the threads of my plugs as well. Might save your threads in the heads one day. Ya never know. I suppose the oil keeps the metal ring from sticking and helps it flatten out evenly as the plugs are torqued by reducing friction. Don't know for sure though. Can't hurt.,L.B.

  9. NavyGal

    I have always been told (by my husband) that if you use anti-seize on a bolt to reduce the torque setting for the bolt (spark plug) by about 1/3 as the anti-seize affects the torque measurement.

  10. MorkKW

    Hey vakonman.

    I re-read my post and realized I must have been in a big hurry - typical lately with lots going on (sorry)...."also use a drop of oil on the threads of the plug" (omitted this part - ooops). In boths instances, it's been a very common practice since they first discovered dirt (well, it seems that long, anyway) and it simply works in a similar fashion as does anit-seize.

    NCAAs this eve....YESSSS!!!

    Stay well.

  11. jkd4

    The manual says to check the plugs. I have seen bikes with the same plugs since new but I have also ripped the threads out of the head trying to replace plugs that have been in for years. I have also seen the ceramic fall out and destroy a engine. I dont think you need to replace the plugs every 8k miles but you should at least check them. Some bikes dont see 8k for 4 or 5 years. Valves are another thing that a lot of people say they never check but might have a problem and never notice it. Yes a lot of bikes dont need them adjusted when they are checked but the dealers are just going by what Yamaha sets the intervals at. If the dealer told you you didnt need them checked and something happen, whos fault is it? I bet most people would blame the dealer telling them not to worry about it. One last point, if you are under the factory or extended warranty they have been wanting maintenance records or they will not cover the failure. No service checks= neglect and/or abuse. not me saying that, the declined warranty claims I have seen in the last year or so. I have seen a couple go to court and its never good for the customer if they have no records.

  12. kreazezizder

    hi would anyone know the gap on the plugs i have a 1100 v-star custom

  13. TomKajVS580

    Gap is: .028

  14. kreazezizder

    thank you so much

  15. tme

    Hey Morg,
    Thanks for the info, I'll pull the plugs and check their condition.


  16. pigertat1

    35 years of auto mechanics and I will not ever put antisieze on spark plugs, stuff gets sticky and if you have ever had to wrench a sticky plug out of a head that you can only feel and not see you will be happy to have clean threads. Besides if you ck your plugs, keep threads clean and torqued right you will not have any problems--over tight or loose will give you problems....

    I have always been told (by my husband) that if...


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