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Spark Plug Wires

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  1. Chgjzpag

    Has anyone used these before? Can these be easily installed?

  2. michwzdar

    TBH, ive heard alot about them, but none of it was good. granted, the people i heard it from were mechanics at the local yammi shop, but they told me that they dont make as good of a fit as OEM ones. I believe they are standard for our bikes, and as we know our bikes are all different. if someone else has heard anythiong else, please chime in. I thought about getting a set for myself, but was turned off at the mechanics thoughts..

  3. roukhriter8

    I saw a Harley drive by and stop at a light the other day that had some on it. I saw and said "What the heck is that." Got my attention. They are brighter than I thought they would be. They flickered a little at idle but when he revved up and drove off they were more of a constant light.

  4. hikvorlt

    I originally started looking for those "Neon Wires", but apparently they're only sold for Harleys. At least that's what I've found on the web. I always thought they looked cool when OCC put them on their bikes. I'm thinking these might be a close second. Hope someone has some experience.

    Think I'll drop this of CCD as well ...

    - Rick


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