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  1. llb207

    I have done stage 1 exhaust on my 07 roadstar and would like to here a sound clip of the stage 3 before I do it does anyone have one. I dont want to change the exhaust because I like the stock look

  2. roukhriter8

    try youtube. just search for stage three exhaust

  3. Ettj

    "I have done stage 1 exhaust on my 07 roadstar"
    What do you mean by that? Do I understand that with the stock pipe I can do an adjustment and I will get a better sound?

  4. Jonezpoj


    you can got and in the tech section look at stock exaust mod stage 1, 2 & 3. Sounds alot better without being to loud.

  5. Ettj

    thanks for your quick awnser.


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