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Soldiers Surprising Their Loved Ones

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  1. LozdDok

  2. yajare

    That is a great video. I have to say that I shed a tear or two watching that one.

  3. LozdDok

    Me too.

  4. cowenandranch

    Goosebumps and misty eyes through the whole thing.

  5. VTvinChic


    Thanks for sharing!

    I know we have a lot of vets and active service men and women on this board. A special THANK YOU for your sacrifices you and your families made and continue to make on behalf of citizens everywhere. Even if you don't have any one in particular to come home to, please find console that these emotions of gratitude and "welcome home" are felt and shared by many.

  6. BuzhBoj

    What more can one say other than "Thank You"

  7. DennisM

    Absolutely awesome.

    It brought back some very heavy memories for me.

    I find it hard to put into words what that video has done for me.

    I hope that all of our brothers continue to come home safe, proud, and victorious, and to all those men I knew so well, that made the ultimate sacrifice, and will never truly come home to surprise their families, A promise that I shall never forget them, I still see them in my dreams when they were at their best, Because They Are My Brothers Forever, Fallen But Not Forgotten.

    God bless all of our troops and Allies, and God bless all of our families that suffered greatly through these difficult times of war.

  8. ylzhooder

    The best video I have EVER seen!!!

  9. SdeweinFL

    It's called BMV or Blurred Monitor Vision, a rather recent, technology-driven symptom

  10. zmogejyoe

    A wonderful and joyful video, thanks for posting!

  11. LozdDok

    You'll see a lot of this kind of emotion on a PGR mission!

    It does the heart good!


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