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Sold V-Star 1300, stuff for sale...

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  1. pikzhavn

    Grasshopper rider backrest in great shape...$80 shipped.
    Pegs that mount under floorboards.............$25 shipped.
    Memphis lowers with mounts......................$45 shipped.
    Heavy-duty homemade Wampus style rack....Not sure what shipping will run...shoot me an offer, I think I posted pics of it somewhere. I'll post pics of all this stuff when I get home.

    I also have a set of saddlebag brackets that were originally for an 1100 that I made fit. They are "hard-mounted" to some River Road bags that aren't in the best shape....heck, shoot me an offer.

  2. Driwetapisnezz

    PM sent

  3. Buyin

    I'd be interested in seeing those pictures.


  4. pikzhavn

    Here are some pics...the chrome rack was originally for a Roadstar. I cut off the tabs and re-welded them to fit the 1300. The underside welds were touched up with silver paint. It's a great looking rack and I have a pic somewhere of it mounted on my bike. $40.00 shipped?

  5. pikzhavn

    Ok, I can't get the pic to load, if you do a search on my username, there is a thread about mods that I did. It shows a couple of pics of the rack mounted. Also, somewhere on here there is a pic of the "stompus" rack I made.

  6. PoconoYamaha648

    Hello Im interested in the lowers. Do you have paypal send me a payment request. Thanks Rob

  7. pikzhavn

    How do I send a payment request? It's been a long time since I used paypal. Or do I just give you my email address???

  8. Buyin

    I'd like to get your lowers, backrest and the chrome rack. I didn't see a price for the chrome rack, or am I just blind. Let me know how you want to get paid.

  9. pikzhavn

    $40.00 shipped for the chrome rack, PoconoYamaha648 has dibs on the lowers...check or M.O. is fine, or paypal. I think all you need for paypal is my email address, right? I'll pm it to you.

  10. pikzhavn

    Pegs and backrest sold.

  11. pikzhavn

    Lowers sold.


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