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soften your hard seat

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  1. cole2273

    just thought I would pass this on as it might help someone some day.
    I took my seat in to have it recovered after I reshaped it the way I wanted it to fit my bike. while I was there the guy that doing it told me he could soften up the foam if I wanted. of course I look at him like he was crazy, but then he said let me show you, I have been doing this for 32years. little did I know if you pull your seat apart, flip over the stock foam and use a 3/4 or 1in hole saw you can core out a bunch of holes in your seat, just be sure that you don't go all the way through the foam, or you will see the holes when you recover it. leave about a half inch on the top side and it turns out perfect. when you sit on it the holes will collapse and make the seat less dense, thus making the whole seat much softer and still holds its shape. I was impressed to say the least, however the comfort of my seat was fine so I didn't need it done. just thought I would pass this little bit of info on to you for the future you can save lots of money if you do things for yourself.

  2. roukhriter8

    I had a local guy do my harley seat. He left a hole where my tail bone rest on the pad. He said that he figured there would be less shock tranfrered to the spine. He refoamed mine with memory foam like you see on beds and pillows.

  3. Suzhipiger

    I have a spare seat pan that I'm going to recover. I'm going to buy memory foam off of eBay and shave it to fit. It's a total experiment. I'll try to post pics and let you all know how it turns out.

  4. cole2273

    IMO I don't think the memory foam would work real well. just for the simple fact that it doesn't react fast enough. once you sit on it and it takes shape you sink to the bottom and when you hit a bump your ass will feel it. keep in mind that stuff was made with the intent that it would support your whole body over the length of the bed. now you want to put all your body weight on just a 16x16in peace that is only about 1/4 as thick as the beds. you can try but there is a reason that the stock seat its made from the foam that is, and that's support.

  5. Tacgtriwer

    You can get the memory foam in different densities. Most commercial upholsterers that specialize in bikes also seem to layer several different foams with a layer or so of gel.

  6. roukhriter8

    I want to refoam my seat but haven't been brave enough to start choping on the seat without a spare. If I screw it up I am riding on the battery. I think maybe the best bet would be to use a gel pad.

  7. loscayun

    Had my seat reworked in Sturgis they used a dense memory foam but not the whole seat. They shaved the seat to fit my butt then took off another 1/2 inch and but a 1/2 inch of memory foam.

    It has been great.

  8. cole2273

    yea I could see 1/2in but no way the whole seat in memory foam. I have tried the gel seat and tossed it in the trash. that was worse than my solo seat. I made it about 45min and I was in so much pain I got home put the bike in the garage and popped off the gel seat and walked over pitched it in the garbage and never looked back.

  9. froto

    After you take the staples out and change the foam, how hard is it to stretch the leather again and restable? In my case, I just have to do the passenger seat on my V-Star 950, anybody know?


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