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  1. yyaj69

    I've ridden the 1300 after riding my 950 and I don't think the 1300 feels sluggish at all nor does it feel top heavy. My husband and I took off for a ride one day and I wanted him to try the 950, he hadn't ridden one yet and so we switched a few miles up the road and when I climbed on the 1300 it felt very comfortable, a lot like the 950 but with more power.
    That's good to know actually, like I said this is what I've been told. I've never actually ridden a 1300 though it was the bike I almost bought before I sat on the 950. The 1300 may still be my upgrade bike a few years from now, I'm definately going to see if I can find one to ride in the near future.

  2. VTvinChic

    That's the J&M CB on the 1300. Actually, that photo was taken during its install, and you can see the PL-connector still open.

    And I've ridden the1300 plenty enough to say it is not sluggish at all at any speed. You just have to mentally prepare yourself for a different type of ride, as the handlebars put your hands in a completely different position (touring), and makes steering feel totally different. With the 950, you really feel the push-pull of steering (because of the flatter handlebars leaving the rider's knuckles facing forward), where the 1300 is a press-balance feeling (handlebars pronate wrists outwards slightly). Those who have ridden the 1300 really know what I'm talking about with this steering input difference. For the 1300 being top-heavy, I also think that is a partial truth, because the stock handlebars make most folks lean a bit forward. I would attribute the misconceived feeling of top heaviness to the uneasiness lent by stretching forward to reach the bars. As soon as the bars were swapped for another with more pullback, I thought the bike was much more "flickable".

    Now, no matter what my hubby rides, he is always the slower one to accelerate, so folks would just assume the 1300 is a dog off the line when compared to me! I knock the cobwebs off the 1300 for him every so often.



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