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Smoke brake light lens

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  1. aarona

    Has anyone found or seen a smoke brake light cover for the CUSTOM. I have a gray bike and realy need a smoke one to replace my red one.

  2. durporadrot

    I use some stuff called nite shade. it is like a paint that you apply to the lens and it looks black untill you apply the breaks and the light shines bright and still red. I got it a the parts store for 9.00 dollars and

  3. aarona

    Cool I'll check into that. I have wanted a smoke lens since i got my bike but cant find one.Is there anything else to it,or do you just spray it on the out side of the lens?If you got a pix of one you have done i'd like to see it.

  4. Nidhhokr

    Try this.

  5. aarona

    Got the nite-shades today and got started will post some pix when I am finished.I checked the site that Nidhhokr showed but no luck.

  6. Nidhhokr

    Sorry I should have been more specific. Halfway down the page. I'll do better next time.

    Custom Dynamics
    Part # CTL-0021-S

  7. aarona

    Here is the lens done the three pix are no light, run light, brake light.

  8. ModoHero

    We are practically invisible as it is; why do you want to reduce someone's ability to see you? Lots of stuff is cool looking but detrimental to its function. You are painting over your "reflector" and reducing the amount of light getting through the paint film.

    Is it a big issue, maybe not unless you get hit and other driver or investigator thinks the light is modified to a degree.

    Just felt like sayin'


  9. aarona

    Well! Other drivers are more likely to pull out in front of you or change lanes on you than to hit you in the rear. Take a look at some crashes how many are hit from the rear as to the ones who have had some dumm A$$ pull out in front of them.

  10. RetLekRiter

    I am running a Honda Aero taillight on my V-Star with a smoked lens. I always thought the red (iridium) bulb wasn't enough to be seen so I bought a red 48 LED cluster from Custom Dynamics that has the tail that plugs right into the existing socket. This set up is much brighter than a stock red lens with clear bulb. Even in the day time it is blinding. I have had people behind me comment how bright it is. Makes me feel better knowing they actually see my brake light.

  11. aarona

    I hope to put a full wrap finder on soon and take off the brake light and replace it with two LED side mounted ones.

  12. TheNodoriouz

    You may not realize that the tail light setup for the V-Star 1100 Custom was also the same set up on the Yamaha YZF-600R. This bike was discontinued in 2008 but they still make aftermarket parts.

    Here's what I'm going to be incorporating into my Custom in the next few weeks. I hate all the crappy stuff hanging off the bike.

    Here's another link for a smoke lens cover.

    Make your bike the way you want it. That's what "Custom" means.
    TheNodoriouz YZF


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