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small cracks in tire walls - when do I need to buy new tires?

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  1. migerot

    Hey folks,

    I picked up a yamaha v star 1100 classic at the end of last year. The previous owner had left it outside (covered) for the last year and a half and I noticed the tires seems to have some small cracks in the side walls. They are Avon Venom tires, the tread is still almost mint, and the tire pressure has never dropped. I've been riding all winter (in town, no long road trips), but now that its going to start warming up am wondering if Im running a big risk of a blowout.

    What do you think? Long term, I know I need to replace them. My real question is when?

  2. khunder102

    You didn't mention the year of the bike, but I know the Avons certainly were not the original tires. Probably impossible to say how long they've been on there. I'd replace them now, if only for peace of mind. The second item on my worry list about riding a motorcycle (with the first being a cager pulling out or turning left in front of me) is a tire failure at highway speed. That makes it the first item I can actually do something about. I do my best to make sure my tires are always in good condition, and properly inflated.


  3. MigejCojode

    Replace them when the cracks appear.

    I don't think people realize how important their tires are. Sure some of you are reading this and thinking "Mikey's ranting again" But here is the scoop.

    Wheels and tires do 3 main things:

    They are your contact points; ie what you balance on and the fulcum by which you balance on it.

    They transfer power to the road, either forward or stopping power.

    The spinning action of the wheels creates a gyro effect and that is what keeps you upright. That's what makes it easier to balance on the road.

    That's why a blow out in a bike is usually much more catastrophic than one in a car. If you throw a big enough chunk out of that tire the gyro balance is lost and you are going down hard. Just bite the bullet and change them. Avons are nice expensive tires but they aren't bullet proof.

    There is a stamp on the side of the tire that will look something like this:

    Pay attn to the last 4 numbers the first 2 are the week of the year the next are the year of manufacture.In this case last week in febuary 2006. Anything older than 5-7 yrs old I'd replace even if they look perfect.

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  5. bkman


    It's not worth the risk. If they're cracked, they're not safe. I'd change them immediately.

  6. THUNDER160

    now !!!!!!

  7. vgink18054

    Those cracks are what is referred to as DRYROTT, do not ride with these tires they will kill you or atleast hurt you.
    In my opinon i would not ride the bike accross the street with dryrott tires.

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  9. wzdartan

    I agree. It's not worth the risk. It sucks to have to spend the money, but the potential for disaster is too great. I learned my lesson with "dry rotted" tires when I had a blowout doing 75mph while driving my 36' motorhome. Taught me a lesson! The tire blew up like a bomb. I would have hated to have been on my bike! Ride safe.

  10. migerot

    Thanks for the advice everyone. Point well taken. This sucker is getting new tires ASAP!


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