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  1. scooterfan1153

    Who has the the best sounding slip on mufflers...... The sound clips are so so......

  2. travelatlanta

    I have the Cobra slipon and love the sound of it!

  3. cody93

    I have a feeling that you will get at least 3 different answers on this one.

  4. yhoower

    I have a Cobra with a wrapped baffle I think sounds pretty good.

  5. yrp2245

    you're right about the sound clips, you can never get the true sound listening through some kind of media, that said I have the vance & hines, IMHO it's the best looking, and sound wise I can say its loud and has a nice rumble at idle, and sounds really nice when you crack the throttle

  6. yhoower

    I don't know .................... the SIL just put Vanes & Hines Long Shots on his Honda 1100 Shadow and you can't here them over my 950 Yamaha with a Cobra slip-on.

  7. mac13k

    With nothing more than youtube videos to base my decision on, I went with the V&H slip on. Prior to its release, I liked the looks of the Cobra better, but the sound of the Rush. I think the V&H hit the sweet spot for me combining good looks and a nice sound. Of course, I still haven't done any side-by-side comparisons, but I like the way the V&H sounds on my bike and am happy with my decision.

  8. jdearmon47

    I felt the same, I just ordered the V&H slip on. It should be here Tuesday! Can't wait to see what it sounds like

  9. cody93

    I had a Vance and Hines slip on ordered for my wifes bike. I just changed it to a Cobra. They told me it was on backorder until another month from now. That was after waiting for three weeks already. So I hope she likes the Cobra.

  10. dirkw46

    Just installed my Cobra slip-on today. Sounds awesome, but holy moley, it is loud!!

  11. seattlerob72

    You may want to consider wrapping your baffle on the Cobra slipon. Changes the sound slightly (for the better IMHO), and if you're going to do it at all it's easiest to do when the muffler is brand new. Otherwise it becomes a pain to get the baffle out.

  12. dirkw46

    I've actually already considered it before I even put it on if it was too loud. I was looking inside the muffler and wondered how on earth it comes out and what kind of tools I would need. Any suggestions?

  13. seattlerob72

    IIRC, there's 1 screw near the end of the muffler that needs to be removed so the baffle can be taken out. After that screw is out, you should be able to hold the muffler vertically with the tail end down, and then gently "tap" against the floor until the baffle is out enough so you can grab it. I did the above on carpet so I wouldn't damage the chrome, etc.

    Hopefully the baffle will just drop out easily. Otherwise, it's a bit of a battle to get it out.



  14. jdearmon47

    I just got my Vance & Hines slip on installed and itsounds AWESOME, but a little louder than I hoped for. I think it looks the best of what's available.

  15. yhoower

    I've actually already considered it before I even put it...

    Save yourself some frustration and take the muffler off the header to work on it. It's so much easier to get the baffle in and out it the muffler is standing on end. It also helps to use a broom handle to help guide the baffle when putting it back in.

  16. dirkw46

    I couldn't resist taking it for a spin. Although it is loud and crackly, it pops quite a bit when I let off the throttle or downshift. I will definitely attempt to remove the baffle and wrap it. Is this popping normal? I see two screws underneath at the tail end of the pipe. I'm assuming this is the screw(s) you are talking about. My concern after I remove the baffle and wrap it, is getting it back in and lining up the screw holes. How many times do I wrap it and how to get it to stay put. Sorry for all the questions. I'm new to cruisers but have been riding sport bikes for years and never dealt with this. Thanks.

  17. ButTheGrej

    Waiting for my Rush slip-on. B/O until the 30th

  18. Rojny1

    With the Rush slip on, I think the sound is certainly louder than the wimpy stock muffler, and it also isn't too loud when cruising at speed. It is somewhat loud when accelerating, but not to the point of being a nuisance to the neighbors. I think Rush got it right.

  19. ButTheGrej

    With the Rush slip on, I think the sound is...

    That's what I'm shooting for. If it's too loud, it'll be on e-bay pretty quick.

  20. Ginuwine905

    ButTheGrej, my thoughts exactly my brother, my thoughts exactly. Ride on and keep the shinny side up.


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