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Slime in an motorcycle tire

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  1. pandacathunter97

    A friend of mine and I are going on a trip Monday but his rear tire on his warrior keeps going flat. The warrior has an odd sized back tier so it's hard to find. Has anyone ever used slime in their tire and how well does it hold? Are there any reasons this would not work on a motorcycle?

  2. quicgmicg

    Just my opinion, but I'd seriously consider just getting a new tire. A sudden flat on a bike can lead to serious injury or worse. Aside from that, it should be taken to a reputable shop and fixed correctly if it can be fixed. I'd personally never trust Slime with my life at stake.

  3. micg10

    we only have 2 tyres keeping us upright so i would get it fixed properly, slime and products like that are only temperary fixes and should be treated as such.

  4. wildcatf5

    The only time I use Slime is in the tires on the golf cart out at the farm. There are stickers all over the field between the house and the barn, and the Slime keeps air in the tires.
    Never would I trust my well-being (or worst) to Slime. Just my opinion.

  5. tatrunzz

    Slime will keep the air in the tire, the real problem23 is that it throws the balance off and the vibration can get real bad, also when you finally put a new tire you'll have to clean up the mess on the wheel and that is probably the worst part, in my own opinion SLIME is for emergency use only... my 2 cents

  6. pandacathunter97

    Thanks guys! We went ahead and slimed it and it took all day but cycle gear ended up having a 200 55-17. A tad taller than the warrior runs but should hold up fine. I am going to buy him a new Avon storm to match his front tire when we get back anyway.

  7. Goadlocger69

    Just make sure that you tell whoever changes the tire that it has slime in it. That stuff makes an awful mess.

  8. 4mrAkankmpr

    They'll charge extra to change the tire because of the slime.

  9. tunc

    there must be a reason why it goes flat
    i would have it checked out to why and get it fixed properly

  10. LozdDok

    Slime is not recommended for MC tires, try Ride-On.

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