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Sissy bar

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  1. kikkles1891

    Has anyone seen a sissy bar that is not chrome? Im lookin for something black. I cant seem to find anything like this. let me know if you have seen this. thanks

  2. quicgmicg

    I've not seen a thing in black. Perhaps it's a chance to paint one yourself?

  3. Kapoh

    Some things just look better in black. I hate the idea of buying a new chromed piece and then turnig around to have it media / sand blasted and powdercoated black. I wonder if there is a powdercoat that can turn chrome to Black chrome or a chemical treatment that would do the same. Now that would be killer and very doable for a Midnight theme.

  4. kikkles1891

    Some things just look better in black. I hate...
    Thats exactly what im goin for.


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