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  1. BarnacleBill

    Where do you keep your papers you must have with you at all times? Its not practical for me to carry them in my wallet as its always crammed full of money all the time . Right now they are in the saddlebags but I really don't like that. I thought about taping a zip lock bag under the seat for them. Any other suggestions?

  2. recumpendpop

    I carry mine in a ziplok bag in the saddle bag.

  3. JBLee327

    TWO ziplocks under the seat.

  4. BarnacleBill

    Yeah, I like that under the seat idea. Just seems like they would be safer there.

  5. deadweight37

    Safer? maybe, but I want my important papers with me, as
    in my pocket.

  6. Goadlocger69

    I put mine in a zip lock bag in the sissy bar pad.

  7. ykramnedvurxned

    I put mine in the zipper pocket behind the driver backrest

  8. BarnacleBill

    I put mine in a zip lock bag in the...

    Interesting. I just found the zipper on it. Didn't even know it was there.

  9. roadie6

    I use a ziploc bag to transfer easily between leather and textile jacket's inside pocket.

  10. mi2az84

    ziplock bag in my inner pocket on my icon mil spec vest

  11. rltovnz1

    I keep my registration and insurance cards for both bikes and both cars in my wallet. My wife has a duplicate set in her purse.

  12. zhifdhabbj6

    Ziploc under the seat straped under the tool bag. Very secure.

  13. FedalEcho

    Registration and insurance cards in my wallet.
    Does this wallet make half my ass look big?

  14. yhoower

    I go with the wallet option for registration and insurance cards. I do carry my owners manual in the saddlebag inside of a ziplock bag though.

  15. 13oSc

    I keep my registration, ins card, and a 20$ bill in a plastic bag. I cut a slit in the bag and "pin" it to the bottom of 1 of my bags using the twist locks that secure the bags to the frame. Put a piece of carpet over it and forget about it.
    More than once I've had to use that 20 when a card reader at a gas station wouldn't work in the midle of the nite a long way from home!

  16. ernie29

    Registration, insurance card, and a little cash in my wallet (I take most other stuff out of my wallet when I ride); owner's manual, maps, etc. (no GPS yet) in a sissy bar bag.


  17. Nade

    Target, WalMart, etc. sells a black wallet for registration and insurance. it's flat folds in half and velcro's shut. inside on each side is a clear plastic sleeve(?) that you slide your paperwork into. i velcro'd one of these to the side of the inside of my bag. near impossible to see and it's easy to get to.


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