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should I have a dynojet kit installed?

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  1. earnmanfan960

    I am thinking of having a jet kit installed on my 1100 custom. My dealer recomended a dynojet kit which i was able to pick up new on ebay for less than $50. I have very little exhaust popping with the Vance and Hines slip ons already installed and also plan on adding a K&N too. My concern is with some of the comments about the stage 1 dynajet kit being hard to dial in. My dealer says they've installed lots of them and have had very few problems so my questain is should i go ahead and have it installed and hope for the best or try a different brand jet kit. All I am looking for a little more power and to stop any exhaust popping. Any comments are greatly appreciated.

  2. LiddleBen

    Anytime you go to a custom exhaust you should rejet with larger jets to keep the bike from running too lean. If you donot rejet yourself, you should have a knowledgeable tech. rework the carbs. Dynajet is a kit that actually runs true to size. as far as the openings in the jets go. mikuni jets run a little smaller than thier stated size. I used Dynajets because they are what I had at hand. The main thing is getting the proper jet size and having the needles shimmed properly. In other words rejetting is good. The actual Brand name of jets is your choice., L.B.

  3. earnmanfan960

    Thanks for the insight LiddleBen. After research I've decided to purchase and install a new mikuni 117.5 jet in the front, moving the stock 115 from the front to the rear while leaving the pilot jets and needles stock.With all the info out there this is something I feel comfortable doing myself. Thanks to all who have posted in previous threads who's information made this decission an easy one.

  4. wzdartan

    Be sure to sync. your carbs when you are done!

  5. yzcoodermac

    I noticed you have a 2007.You may want to read up on grinding the solonoid deedle off and drilling the solonoid needle port out to 1/8".)2006 bikes and newer are equiped with this and have to be modified.You can order the jets you need from Tim Bonderant (at) metric magic.There is a lot of good info on this topic on the v star 1100 web base.I got my jets for $10.00.You should be ok with the stock needles.Of course everyone out there has there has their own 2 cents on the subject.If you order from Tim you can talk to him personally and he is very knowledgable on the subject.Its a easy process you can do yourself.Good luck!


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