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Shorting the Windsheild - its a monster

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  1. TomKajVS580

    Its too tall, on a used motorcycle. I am almost thinking of trying to cut 3 inches or so off the top myself. I have a router for finishing after cutting it with a hand held jig saw.
    I don’t have a band saw which is how I think it would be cut if taken to an auto glass shop or so.

    What do you think the about the wisdom of doing that myself? I just wonder if I could keep more scratches off than they would. I cant make up my mind. I guess I could always try just cutting an inch off, and if it goes south take it somewhere to get it done right.
    Has anyone ever cut their own? Lol
    Is there a shop I should look for a flow jet or so to cut it? I obviously don’t know how it should be cut.
    It’s a Memphis Shades Roadmaster Windshield that is about 3 inches higher that the height I look through it.
    Anyone want to trade for a smaller Memphis Shades Roadmaster?
    Happy holidays.. go Steelers!! haha

  2. retzdaret

    Check out this thread. You should be able to do it yourself with a Dremel.

  3. tnv922d

    I had the monster windshield cut down to a height of 181/2 works great as I am 5'9" and now see over the top. I took it into a plastic shop and he cut it down and polished the edges for $35.....looks like factory now.

  4. TomKajVS580

    great vid and that was a good price for having it done.
    go steelers!!

  5. tunc

    heres a link to try
    video how to cut a windshield

    its in here

  6. Cabri103

    Yah know, unless you have a really steady hand, this a job you might want to leave to an auto glass shop. I took my windshield into a local auto glass shop. I did not even have to remove the hardware. the took 2 1/2 inches off the top and it looks nice and clean all the way across. cost $30.

  7. TomKajVS580

    how did they cut it at the shop?
    sounds like a good price.

  8. zdoneman

    Check out this thread. You should be able to do it yourself with a Dremel.
    I thought mine was too short so I used plexi glass to fill in around the headlight and cut it with a Dremmel tool and it tured out great. Then I decided to add lowers. I made them out of thicker plexiglass. I used some L brackets to attach them. My friend thought they were stock lowers. Anyways, You need a moderatly steady hand and fair eye sight, good lighting will help that. You can smooth imperfections and the rough edges out with the little sanding drum.

  9. Shebhertezz

    My husband had his cut down at a glass shop for $60 (this is Canada) and you'd think the windshield was OEM still. They did a great job. He did have to take it off and take it to the shop tho, but I don't know if that was just his choice.


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