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Shock Adjustment

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  1. fupar

    I want to adjust my shock for a more firmer ride.

    I removed the passenger seat, then the rider seat.
    Underneath the rider seat is a sheet of plastic that appears to be held in place by two plastic screws (I guess they are screws). How do you remove this plastic sheet? And is this the correct way to get to the shock?

  2. quicgmicg

    I think the standard procedure is to go through the seat using the special shock tool to do the adjusting.

    I went through the battery box and clearance to the shock adjustment very easily. I used "Channel Lock" type pliers to do the adjusting and had it done and back together in about 20 minutes.


  3. fupar

    I have that shock tool, but I can't figure out how to get passed the plastic piece (without tearing it up).
    When you say you went through the battery area, did you have to remove the battery? I pulled the left side cover, and I don't see how I would get to the shock.

  4. Welter

    Push in the center of the plastic pins and you will feel it release. when you put them back make sure the pin is sticking out. Put the clip in the hole and then push the pin back in till its flush.

  5. quicgmicg

    yes..the battery and the case the battery sits in both come out easily. The shock sits right behind them.


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