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Shock adjusting

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  1. popcad

    can u adj. the shock more than the 6.77 in. to make it ride softer or will it create new problems the roads are rough as hell here in michigan and a little soft shock would be nice

  2. LozdDok

    popcad I'm kinda surprised to hear you claim that much shock travel. I think it's supposed to be between 3-4 inches and the fork travel is 5-6".

    IMO a progressive spring may help.

    Scroll past the lowering kits unless you're looking at them too. They also have a new progressive spring for the forks too.

  3. demingrick24

    The rear suspension travel on a Raider is 3.5 inches. I think he's referring to the factory "soft" pre-load measurment of 6.77 inches as measured from the base of the shock to the lock-nut.

    I wouldn't recommend going much beyond the factory max. "soft" measurement as this could allow the swing-arm to travel too far and may cause the bike to bottom out.

  4. popcad

    ya thanks guys up here i need dirt bike suspention lol...... ill check that proggrsive spring out i think a dual rate spring would be nice for here in shit road america lol...

  5. LozdDok

    There're lots of roads around here that I could use some help on too.

  6. demingrick24

    The Raider is just a rough riding bike due to the geometry; higher front end, more angle and less travel at the swingarm (compared to a 'Liner). Add that low profile tire and you get a rough ride. I don't think a progressive spring will help much.

  7. LozdDok

    It would be nice if someone that's actually tried or is using a progressive spring would add their 2 cents.

    W/O that we're just speculating.

    The reason I thought a progressive may help is the stock suspension doesn't seem to respond to a smaller bump that well. I'm guessing that the spring could be backed off to where it would but then it would likely bottom the shock out, at least when you're running heavy.

  8. retzdaret

    I have progressive springs in my forks on my 650. Your logic is sound. They are smooth on the small bumps, but if you get a good jarring, they become stiffer so they don't bottom out. I think a progressive spring in the back would really help you out.

  9. LozdDok

    Thanks for the input retzdaret! Experience is worth a lot!

    It would be nice to hear from somebody with a Raider since it is different in a lot of ways as demingrick24 pointed out.

  10. tocdorvho

    Best thing would be to move to the south. Roads are nice and smooth here in NC.

    Oh yeah, you can ride more than 2 months out of the year also.


  11. cracgetyunior

    Here in Nebraska I ride about 10 months with a few days the other 2. I work midnights so it's even worse when I ride to work. I bundle up like the michelin man.

    My cut off is about 15 degrees. 7 miles to work. a couple of it is highway. I wont ride if there is snow or ice on the roads. I also ride in rain. have been hailed on many times. Many times I will leave for work in major down pour and i will get to work the toronado sirens are going off.

    this is with my honda xr650l dual sport. raider has seen a little rain.

    my co workers call me storm rider, stupid and crazy. i think next week im going to drive my truck just to frustrate them.


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