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Shifter cover and boots

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  1. JimBo63

    I just bought a new pair of boots and noticed that my shifter cover has worn on the end and the shaft is scratching my boot toe.

    I have ordered a new cover (the shipping was three times the cost of the rubber cover) and hope that will correct the problem.

    Anybody else have that problem?

  2. Tucci641

    Funny you should mention that cuz I thought I was alone with not wanting my boots worn by that dang rubber. I get weird looks from people when I mention it, with comments like "boots are supposed to look worn it gives em a rugged appearance". I don't care, I have an impressive collection of expensive boots and I don't want the rubber wearing a spot on the damn toe!!
    I've tried sewing a cover on the peg and although that takes care of the problem somewhat...I don't care for the way it ends up looking. There are some product out there but they look cheesy also...what did you end up with can you post a pic?

  3. JimBo63

    Funny you should mention that cuz I thought I was...

    The rubber on the outside of the shaft has worn and the end of the shaft was doing the damage. I have ordered a replacement cover. If that doesn't work I'll have to come up with something else.

    Read where some fellow had bought a second Yamaha shifter at a junkyard, cut off part of it, drilled a hole, added a $.48 chrome bolt and nut, and made a heel & toe shifter that looked oem.

    Been thinking seriously about that.

  4. Tucci641

    Would be interested in having a look at that design.

  5. JimBo63

    Would be interested in having a look at that design....

    I don't remember where I read it but I'll try to find it.

    I wonder if Yamaha makes a heel to toe shifter that would work on my Virago 1100.

  6. JimBo63

    I found this one on ebay. Probably wouldn't fit mine.

  7. JimBo63

    Never mind. Found what I was looking for at a bargain price.


  8. JimBo63

    Do I see what I'm looking for?

    I think I see a floorboard with heel to toe shifter above.

  9. MorkKW

    Hey JimBo.

    Here's something I found posted on another site. It may be exactly what you're hoping to find, or not .......

    I originally joined this group to ask if anyone had adapted a heel/toe
    shifter to an XV1100. I got a couple of suggestions but I thought you might be interested in what I did.

    1. Went to a local bike wreckers and bought another Virago shift lever -
    2. Hacksawed off the linkage leaving half the right angle tab it was
    attached to.
    3. Drilled a hole in the center of the remaining tab.
    4. Bought a stainless #6 bolt and nut about 1/2 inch longer than the bolt
    that attaches the shift lever to the stub that sticks out of the
    transmission - $0.58.
    5. Replaced the old bolt with the longer one and used the nut to attach the new (old) shift lever to the bolt pointing forward.

    Total cost $5.58 -
    Satisfaction - It works perfectly, looks "Yamaha", couldn't be happier.

    Stay well - and safe.

  10. JimBo63

    Discontinued. Just my luck!

  11. yaro

    Would be interested in having a look at that design....

    when I had 08 1100 Silverado it had a toe/heel shifter. I'm surprised yours doesn't have it.

  12. JimBo63

    Hey JimBo.Here's something I found posted on another site. It...

    That's it Morg. I knew I had read that. I'll give you $10 for it.

    Can you give us a picture?


  13. JimBo63

    Morg...I take no answer as a no...............?

  14. fupar

    ...I wonder if Yamaha makes a heel to toe shifter...

    Here is a Heel TO TOE Shifter that is made to fit a Virago 750/1100. But, it looks like you have to buy the floorboards with it.

  15. Tucci641

    Hey Morg, post a pic of the project you mentioned above...let's have a look.

  16. JimBo63

    Here is a Heel TO TOE Shifter that is made...

    Wow...EXPENSIVE...I think I'll hold out for Morg's invention.

  17. Mondj

    Know exactly what you mean, JimBo. My Triumph has the toe shifter only and I ordered a pair of Icon riding boots in a natural nubuck when I bought the bike. The damn rubber shifter turned the left toe black on the first ride. Although it doesn't look very good, I covered the shifter with tape. Still have the black Margs on the boots.

  18. JimBo63

    Know exactly what you mean, JimBo. My Triumph has the...

    Don't blame you at all Mondj. Tape for riding...sans tape for fashion.

  19. rappidheat

    I was having the same problem with the shifter breaking the thread on top of my shoes / boot . i bought one of those shifter skinz shoe cover off a web site ,best 14 bucks i ever spent. I put it on every time i ride and it works great. It wraps around the front of your shoe and stays on with velcro and has an elastic strap that goes around the heel , so it stays on .

  20. Tucci641

    I've seen that and although its a step in the right direction, the 'cover' needs to be on the shifter. I'm gonna try an idea by cutting a pinky finger off a pair of gloves as a prototype...we will see if its viable. I may take pics, but this topic is for the OCD and may be best kept inhouse since many eyes roll when topics like this are discussed. Since there are designs out there there may be 'closet' folks with a problem jacking up the left toe of an expensive pair of boots?


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