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Shavings Found During Oil Change

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  1. Tuttle3

    I was performing an oil change on my wife's 650 tonight. Bought it recently with 4700 miles on the odo. The seller stated he changed the oil when he bought it this past spring which had about 4,000miles. He used LucasOil in it. I never used Lucas and haven't really seen much in the way of glowing responses. The oil filter was a K&N. Besides, I have my own I like anyway.

    So, I removed the oil filter housing and I found a pile of metal shavings in the bottom of the housing. Most were magnetic and were uniform in size in relation to each other. I can certainly understand seeing this during engine break-in. Usually rings are seating. But at 4,700 miles? Is this a concern?

  2. BuppaKahuna

    Do a compression check and also check oil pressure. If both are good, I'd bet the seller lied about fresh oil, or he never changed the filter when the fresh oil was put in. If the bike runs good, has good compression and oil pressure I wouldn't sweat it. Just change the oil after another 500 or 600 miles with a fresh filter for insurance & see if there's any change. Might be a waste of $50 or it could save your engine - chance either way.

    Good luck

  3. fupar

    ...If the bike runs good, has good compression and oil...

    I dunno about that. I agree with you that the guy may have lied about changing the oil. But whether he DID or DIDN'T change the oil, if I saw metal shavings in my oil, I don't think I'd want to wait another 500 or 600 miles before changing the oil & filter.

    I'd rather spend the $$$ (again) to have peace of mind.

    If I WERE to decide to change the oil a second time, I'd either do it myself, or use a different mechanic.

    On a side note, BK, I think most of us would agree with your mother.
    "Stupid is as stupid does."

  4. MigejCojode

    I gotta side with Bubba on this one with one caveat. An oil pressure check on the 650 is darned near impossible without special equipment. (I could make a mint with a gauge kit) A compression check is easy enough, although special equipment is required for that too.

    As to the filings. I wouldn't sweat it too much. They could certainly be filings left over from break-in. You don't know if the previous owner wiped the oil filter housing out during his oil change nor can you count on the techs to have done so at first service. It's also quite common for filings appear a few oil changes after break-in as the oil pump picks up more off the bottom of the crank case only to be stopped by the filter.

    I was performing an oil change on my wife's 650...

  5. BuppaKahuna

    D-Oh! TYPO!
    I didn't mean "Just change the oil after another 500 or 600 miles..." even though that's what I typed.

    What I MEANT was:
    Just change the oil now, and after another 500 or 600 miles ...

    Little detail there makes all the difference in the world, huh?

    Change oil now, see if it's better in 500 miles ... *whew*


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