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  1. yerzejricg

    ...Hey all! I've been reading alot on seats and gel pads. I like that mustang touring seat I see but I find it hard to shell out $6-700.00 for something I know nothing about. I also don't want to shell out a buck and a half for a gel pad and then say "I should have bought the seat"!

    I have a 2000 Vstar 1100 Classic. We ride 2up. The stock seat is nice but it gets to you after awhile. Just curious as to what you people have or use or any comments in general.

    Thanx in advance,

    One Sore Arse...

  2. rlintner

    Having ridden a bike for a number of years I hope my response will help you. I replaced my stock seat on my previous bike with a Mustang seat with backrest. Best move ever. My butt no longer goes dead on rides over 30 minutes. I now own the 1100 Silverado. The stock seat looks nice but I also replaced it with the Mustang/w. backrest. Yes, its a good chunk of change but when you ride do you want comfort (which also means less tiring) or are you looking to stop frequently to let the blood flow back to your butt? Enjoy your bike - you have a great ride.

  3. wzdar6

    thanks for the endorsement of the mustang seat. i have one ordered and should receive it tomorrow. can't wait to put it on and give it a try. if my butt doesn't go numb after about 60 miles i'll be pleased. the stock seat is killing me but i love to ride. if this seat works instead of 250 mile trips maybe i can get in 400 and check out the "tail of the dragon". i'll post a review next week i have got 4 12hours shifts i have to work.

  4. yerzejricg

    ...Thanx Rlinder. The more I read, the more I like. I guess the backrest is a must as well. One question: Is that inch you lose that I read about noticeable? I'm 6'4". I also wonder if I need the off-set bracket for the backrest?

    VStar 20, I look foward to your report and good luck. I am real close to ordering. As Rlinder said, 30 minutes is about all I can take. I'd sure like to get more riding time. At 44, this is my first bike and it's beautiful! It has all the bells and whistles. The saddle bags are chincy but I'll take the seat first.

    Thanx for the info all and I look foward to hearing more. Happy riding...

  5. wzdar6

    i received my mustang seats wed. evening after i went to work. i'm working 4 12 hour night shifts. came in this morning and was like a kid at christmas. opened every thing up. couldn't stay it. had to put them on. took about 20 min. and they look great!! the misses is pleased with her seat also. it's a little wider than the stock seat. i'm too sleepy to give a test ride. most likely won't be able to sleep much and will give them a try this afternoon. sunday will be the first chance to go on a long ride. can't wait!! i think i'm going to love the rider back rest. it felt good just sitting on it. it may be what the dr. ordered for an ole man with minor back problems. will post a review at the first chance i get.

  6. 2WheelPik

    Looking forward to the results of the test ride. Thanks for sharing your info.

  7. yerzejricg

    ...Well thanx to you people I couldn't wait anymore. I ordered my seat yesterday. Should be here by Monday or so. I went with the backrest as well and the wider pad for the sissybar for the wife. Now maybe we can get over that 30 minute mark. I'll keep ya's posted. Let us know what you think V-star 20. Happy motoring...

  8. wzdar6

    yerzejricg i don't think you will be disappointed!! you ordered the same set-up i got. i took a 3 hour nap. the bladder alarm got me up and i got to thinking that the chrome front fender rail would look better on the bike than on the carpet in the den. got it installed had a little trouble. would have been easier if i had a jack and the front wheel off. took about an hour to put in 4 bolts, but it looks great. took a short ride. the seat sits a little taller than stock. noticed this pretty quick since i have leg like a duck.(little on the short side) and is a little wider in the front which makes my leg shorter also. hopefully after break-in i can gain back about 1/2". if not a lowering kit may be in order!! the back rest is just what i needed and has more than enough adjustment. i was worried than with short arms it wouldn't have enough to touch my back. hope this mini review will help will post more after more seat time.

  9. JoeThunter

    I didn't hear any comments on the Corbin seat which I hear is extremely comfortable and high quality.
    I nee dto do teh same for my warrior, any ill advice on the Corbn seat, they run about $400 CDN

  10. yerzejricg

    ...JoeThunter, I have seen some people with the corbin seats but it looks like the mustang seats rule from all the forums I've read. Sorry, but I couldn't tell you squat about them.

    VStar-20, were waiting on your review! Ups came yesterday and of course I missed them. I think it's my seat! I can't wait. I'll have to wait until later. Oh well. I'll post again when I've tried them out. Later...

    Here is a link with alot of info. Check out the many pics in the gallery:

  11. wzdar6

    just got in from app. 150 mile road trip. Luv my mustang seat!!! no pain at all. the back rest is the bomb!! i wish i had bought it sooner. should have been my first change to the bike. my riding partner rode it about 15 miles. he will be ordering one soon.

  12. HACKB828

    I've had a Mustang seat with the backrest for 4 years now. It's great! The only problem I have with it is that all you have to do to remove the backrest is pull up on it. Are the new backrests still designed this way? My thinking was that anybody who knew about Mustang seats would know this and it could be stolen FAR too easily! Someone could walk by and take it without ever stopping. I'm not crazy about spending $250 for a replacement backrest. I fixed this problem by removing the seat from the bike and drilling a 3/8" hole through the angle on the underside of the seat frame that the backrest slides into. I drilled the hole while the backrest was in the position that I always keep it when riding. After drilling through the frame and "marking" the spot on the backrest mount with the drillbit, I pulled the rest out and finished drilling the hole all the way through. Then I turned in a self-tapping 3/8" bolt through the seat frame and backrest mount. It acts like a set screw. The backrest can only be taken off now by removing the seat first. You may want to do this too. It took about 10 minutes to make the modification and less than $1.00 in parts. Much better than $250 to replace a stolen backrest!

  13. wzdar6

    took the wife on a 60 mile trip this afternoon. she likes for me to take my back rest off while she is riding with me. she says she hits her legs on it. put it back on when we got home. i saw what she was talking about. just a little to wide for passenger comfort. i rode close to 150 miles today. total comfort. i'm thinking about an iron butt ride to give it a good test. want to see how far i have to ride to get uncomfortable. i haven't got to that point yet. thinking about 400 miles. a trip to " tail of the dragon" is in the back of my mind. just have to con a riding partner into going with me. hopefully my friend will take the plunge and order him a seat.

  14. yerzejricg

    ...Well I put my new seat on and the wife and I took a short ride. It is more comfy then the stock seat. Has more cushion. As Vstar-20 said the backrest is the bomb! However, being 6'4" I have some long legs and some BIG feet that tend to get caught on the floor board and inbetween the toe and heal shift, especially when going from the highway pegs back to the floor board.

    As far as the seat goes, I don't have enough riding time to give a solid opinion. They are of great quality and look sharp as hell. Is it worth $800.00, I don't know yet but I will give it more time to tell. I can always send it back. I think perhaps I'm just a little to big for this bike, but it sure looks sweet!

    VStar-20 mentioned something about a floorboard extention kit or so. Anyone with some info and help in this situation is greatly appreciative.

    Help me get it right for the fall season. Thanx ev1


    Daddy Long Legs...

  15. wzdar6

    yerzejricg did some research. couldn't remember where i saw the extensions but found a site that had plans to fab. your own bracket. may not work for the v-star but may give you some ideas. also motorcycle enchancements has the brackets for 90 bucks. if i find out anything more i will post. too rainy to ride today and the wife want to shop. i guess it beats watching tv.

  16. VernerShob

    Lightning performance makes a nice relocaton kit for the forward controlls of the v-star for $69.99. If you go to and click on the cruiser 07-08 catalogue... it's on page 63. This would give you at least some more leg room.

  17. yerzejricg

    ...Thanx Verner, i'll look into that further...

  18. wzdar6

    hey yerzejricg check out this site. it's for the v-star650 but think most will work for the 1100.

  19. yerzejricg

    ...Thanx, lots of info. I may be able to use that tourease board as it seems wider. Thanx again...

  20. yerzejricg

    Hey all!
    Just a short update on the Mustang seat. I've been able to get some riding time in although it's been hotter then a you know what. I'm really getting to enjoy this seat and so is the other half. I still think it's over priced but watchagonado. Thanx to all who recommended it. Happy motoring...


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