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Seat Modifcation

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  1. zcoddvidd

    Hey Guys
    Here I am again thinking about stuff. again... Today i took the seat off my custom 650. and set down on it without the seat .. Wow I really like the position it put me on the bike i have been looking at lowering kits or seats.

    So has anyone tryed a "Potato Chip" style seat ? I was thinking of makeing one useing my stock seat and and replaceing the foam with this Gel Tech stuff.

    Has anyone tryed this? I was thinking if i could get away with one layer. I might have a cool ride.

  2. Ravhite

    Yes you can, I have one for the wifes 1100. Most use a high quality carpet pad to keep the profile as low as possible.

  3. MigejCojode

    Here is a set of instructions:

    Yes it is super easy, I did mine about 3/4 or the way and it is still very comfortable on long rides:

    Oh and if you find a good place to get gel pads let me know. Thanks

  4. zcoddvidd

    Great thanks for the Information,..I did the modification.. i am sitting here letting the spray glue dry on the nogahide cover..Instead of cutting up the original foam. i got some new materals to work with..

    Started with 1/2 inch of closed pore foam glued it to the core ($3.00)
    Next spray glued some carpet pad ( Free)
    Then some spray glued apolstery padding and wraped over the edge ($3.00)
    Then last the Black nogahide lightly glued then stapeled. ($10.00)

    The seat is now about 1.1/2 inches thick
    I think it going to work out ok...
    was a good day

  5. MigejCojode

    Show us some pictures.

  6. zcoddvidd

    here is the seat I made. i hope this works i never tryed to put a pic on here. If not I will try to figure it out

  7. zcoddvidd

    Here is 2 more

  8. MigejCojode

    Here is 2 more
    Looks great, hope it is comfortable.

  9. zcoddvidd

    I went for a ride for about an hour.. it was comfortable, so far. i can always redo it if need to. I made a passanger seat to go with it today too.. I cut all the the seat padding layers 11 inches wide.

  10. VzdarManiac

    Man, that looks awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. zcoddvidd

    Thanks VzdarManiac

    Check it out ..Did a little touch up to my Bike Picture

  12. TheYammieGuj

    Looks good man.


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