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seat latch

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  1. dordoize640

    I just got an old 1982 XV750. Haynes manual says "Open the latch and raise the front of the seat" Latch? What latch? I don't see any seat latch. It's a one piece seat for two riders.

  2. Suzhipiger

    If it's anything like my XJ750, (which also has a single piece 2-up seat) it'll be on the left side of the bike, under the seat frame rail. Probably towards the back. It looks like a nothing piece of metal, basically a tab. You just rock it towards the back of the bike.

    You might also have to use the key to unlock it before you can unlatch it. On mine, the helmet hanger and seat latch are on the same lock. You turn the key left to unlock the helmet and right to unlock the seat so you can unlatch it. I'll see if I have any useful photos but I'm at work.


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