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seat customising

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  1. tunc

    just lookin at gettin the stock seat customised a bit
    a local dude pretty good at graphics reshapin and covering
    so the ?? hes got this material looks like the kevlar pattern was wonderin if any one had theres done in it looks real slippery

    yeh i know its a vrod
    any ideas welcomed

  2. MigejCojode

    It's likely still vinyl. And if anybody should know this it's you Aussies: Hot vinyl is sticky.

  3. IAFF1419

    Hot vinyl is sticky.
    Only if you ride without anything under your chaps!

  4. Bratfort

    you're supposed to wear something under the chaps???? no wonder I get so many dirty jk....

    It might be some sort of nylon type material....i dunno...isnt the factory seat vinyl?


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